Excellence in Education Award in honor of William V. Cruess

Partner: Northern California Section of IFT

Award Description: Honors an individual who has demonstrated excellence in teaching science of food disciplines.

Award: $3,000 honorarium and a crystal award from IFT, and a bronze medal from the Northern California Section of IFT

Criteria & Eligibility: Any individual who has at least 10 years of university teaching experience at a university offering a degree in food science, food technology, or the equivalent is eligible. Courses taught by the nominee must deal directly with food science and/or food technology.

Nominees will be asked to upload the following:

  • Three letters from current or former students, and
  • Two letters from a colleague or administrator, one of which should speak to the nominee’s teaching responsibilities and the educational mission of the institution.
  • The letters should discuss one or more of the following:

    • Mastery of subject matter
    • Ability to effectively communicate the principles and practices of food processing and preservation
    • Enthusiasm for the science of food as a profession
    • Ability to stimulate students to select a career in the science of food disciplines
    • Ability to mentor students

2023: Rebecca Creasy

2022: Rafael Jimenez-Flores

2021: John Coupland

2020: Martha Verghese

2019: M. Monica Giusti

2018: Luis Rodriguez-Saona

2017: Soo-Yeun Lee

2016: Ronald Pegg

2015: Gabriel Keith Harris

2014: F. Xavier Malcata

2013: Mark A. Harrison

2012: Nicki Engeseth

2011: Jeff Culbertson

2010: E. Allen Foegeding

2009: Mukund Karwe

2008: Stephanie Doores

2007: Ronald Earl Wrolstad

2006: Robert L. Shewfelt

2005: Brian E. Farkas

2004: Wayne T. Iwaoka

2003: John H. Rupnow

2002: S. Suzanne Nielsen

2001: Shelly J. Schmidt

2000: Richard D. Ludescher

1999: Karen M. Schaich

1998: Richard W. Hartel

1997: Faye M. Dong

1996: Grady W. Chism III

1995: John B. Allred

1994: Peggy M. Foegeding

1993: Michael E. Mangino

1992: Daniel E. Carroll, Jr.

1991: Paul A. Lachance

1990: James W. Berry

1989: Howard A. Morris

1988: Mark A. Uebersax

1987: J. Ian Gray

1986: John W. Erdman, Jr.

1985: Norman N. Potter

1984: C. Anton Ernstrom

1983: James L. Oblinger

1982: John J. Powers

1981: Richard L. Merson

1980: Roy Arnold

1979: Theodore P. Labuza

1978: Owen R. Fennema

1977: Rose Marie Pangborn

1976: Fergus M. Clydesdale

1975: Charles M. Stine

1974: Elizabeth F. Stier

1973: John R. Whitaker

1972: Edward E. Burns

1971: Clifford E. Samuels

1970: Marcus Karel