IFT Fellows

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Fellow designation is an honor bestowed upon an IFT member by their peers to recognize exemplary professionalism in the field of food science. To receive this distinction, you must first be nominated by your peers and then elected.

Nominating a Fellow

You can nominate someone to become an IFT Fellow. For them to qualify, the nominee much be an active member of the profession and have been a non-student IFT member for at least 15 consecutive years.

If your nominee is not elected a Fellow, you may re-nominate that person in a subsequent year. The next IFT Fellows class to be awarded is 2023. There will be no 2022 IFT Fellows class. Click here for details

IFT Fellows

A complete listing of IFT Fellows since 1970 by decade is included below. View an alphabetical Fellows directory.
*indicates a deceased Fellow

IFT Fellows Class of 2021

Each year, a select group of IFT members are recognized for their exemplary professionalism and contributions in the field of food science. We are pleased to announce the 11 members of the IFT Fellows Class of 2021.

William Aimutis, PhD
Executive Director of the North Carolina Food Innovation Lab, North Carolina State University

Bill Aimutis is executive director for the North Carolina Food Innovation Lab managed by North Carolina State University on the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis. His team works with entrepreneurial and multinational companies on plant-based food product development and scale-up in a pilot plant. Prior to his current position, Aimutis was a research fellow and global director of external innovation for Cargill Inc., where he retired in September 2018.

Aimutis received a bachelor of science degree in food science at Purdue University and graduate degrees from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the Food Science Department. He has held several research and operations leadership and management positions in his career. He is a Certified Food Scientist, Fellow of the American Dairy Science Association, and a Distinguished Agricultural Alumnus from both Purdue University and Virginia Tech. Additionally, he was awarded an Outstanding Food Science Award from the Food Science Department at Purdue University, and the Ronald O. Ball Lectureship Award from the University of Alberta. Aimutis serves on several industry advisory committees and corporate scientific advisory and managing boards.

Ajay Bhaskar PhD, CFS
Director R&D/Breakthrough Innovation/Foods Category and PepsiCo Fellow, PepsiCo Inc.

Ajay Bhaskar is an R&D director in the Foods Category Function Group and a research fellow at PepsiCo Inc., located in Plano, Texas. For almost three decades, Bhaskar has been relentlessly and passionately driving and delivering deep science and technology in the food industry. For PepsiCo, he has leveraged this passion and capability to unlock opportunities to grow PepsiCo’s snack brands, in addition to solving some of the most complex food science challenges faced by the industry, such as acrylamide mitigation, nutrition renovation, and ingredient functionality and stability. Externally, Bhaskar has been actively involved with professional organizations in his field of expertise; he has published extensively and has been granted numerous global patents. He has also been an active leader within IFT over the past decade, including serving as chair of the Product Development Division and, more recently, as a member of the Editorial Advisory Panel for Food Technology.

Ellen Bradley, CFS
Founder and Principal Food Scientist, River City Food Group

Ellen Bradley has been an active and consistently engaged member of IFT since 1984 and a professional member since 1992. After graduating from Oregon State University, she served IFT in leadership positions locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Her leadership and volunteerism have had numerous influences on the IFT and the science-of-food community. She has distinguished herself in the science of food arena with outstanding and extraordinary contributions in three main categories: promoting the profession of food science, improving the IFT member experience, and educating food scientists. As an advocate and voice for the profession, she has inspired many to see food science in new ways and inspired many more to pursue careers in food science.

Christina A. Mireles DeWitt, PhD
Director, Seafood Research and Education Center, Professor, Department of Food Science & Technology, and Interim Director, Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station, Oregon State University

In advancing food science and technology, Christina A. Mireles DeWitt has conducted innovative research, contributed to new academic and career programs, cooperated in a key role with nine team partnerships among academia/industry/agency, provided leadership and outreach to 10 countries, and is co-editor in chief of a peer-reviewed aquatic food journal. DeWitt has obtained $6.87 million in competitive grants and contracts of which $3.1 million has directly supported her research program. She has provided education to 1,098 undergraduate and graduate students in food science and technology curricula that included the following courses: Introduction to Food Science, Food Analysis, Food Chemistry I and II, Processing Dairy Foods, and Seafood Technology. In addition, she has provided leadership for over 40 workshops/trainings engaging 1,600+ industry and agency stakeholders for improved seafood processing practices. Internationally, she has helped develop over 250 seafood safety trainers in seven different countries.

Lisbeth Goddik, PhD
Professor and Department Head, Oregon State University

Lisbeth Goddik started her academic career in 1999 as the Oregon State University (OSU) dairy food processing extension specialist, serving the dairy industry. Over the last two decades, her career has evolved with an ever greater emphasis on sustainable food systems, moving from regional to national impact. Her initial role as extension specialist included a growing focus on byproduct utilization and economic sustainability; subsequently, she became department head of the OSU Food Science & Technology (FST) Program, overseeing transformative changes. The new curriculum contains courses focused on sustainable food manufacturing along with other aspects of sustainable food systems. FST research and outreach programs are undergoing similar impactful changes. FST is also taking an active role in communicating the science of food to the public, including a monthly seminar series on sustainable food systems for an audience of consumers of food. Goddik holds two endowed professorships sponsored by stakeholders.

Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia, PhD
Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Director of the Division of Nutritional Sciences, and Presidential Fellow, University of Illinois

Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia is a highly devoted professional in food science and nutrition education. She has made a remarkable impact on the profession and the IFT membership, particularly her work with the International Division and her active engagement in international research collaborations for over 30 years. Her research in the interphase of food science and nutrition has included a career of inspired academic leadership. She has made significant contributions to research publishing and mentoring and has directed the work of numerous national and international undergraduate and graduate students who now hold influential positions in academia, industry, and government around the world. As a scientist, she has a global reputation in structure-function properties of protein-derived bioactive peptides and phenolic compounds and prevention of chronic diseases. Her lasting impact on the profession and future generations is to ensure a safe, nutritious, and sustainable global food supply with a vision of disease prevention and well-being.

Kevin Keener, PhD, PE
Professor and Barrett Family Chair in Sustainable Food Engineering, University of Guelph

As an expert in food engineering, food safety, food technology, and food regulations, Kevin Keener has had a significant impact on food science and food technology. In addition to providing technical assistance to hundreds of companies and many state and federal government agencies, he has invented several new technologies, including high voltage atmospheric cold plasma, controlled dynamic radiant frying, and cryogenic cooling of shell eggs, with 12 patents issued. Keener has also mentored 15 post-doctoral students, 20 graduate students, and over 100 undergraduate student researchers. He has produced 85 refereed publications, 13 book chapters, 40 technical bulletins, 40 non-refereed publications, and over 100 popular press articles. In over 100 workshops, Keener has provided technical training to thousands of students, industry personnel, and government regulators; workshop examples include Starting a Food Business, FDA Better Process Control School, USDA HACCP, FDA HACCP, food plant sanitation, food regulations, novel food technology, and others.

Monique Lacroix, PhD
Professor and Director, Research Laboratories in Sciences Applied to Food, INRS-Armand-Frappier, Health & Biotechnology Centre, INRS, and Canadian Irradiation Centre, Canada

Monique Lacroix has brought outstanding accomplishments to food science over the past 34 years. She is a distinguished member of numerous expert committees in microbiology and in irradiation at the World Health Organization and at the International Atomic Energy Agency. Her industrial partnership works have resulted in important commercial successes in food quality and safety and have built important new bridges among academia, industry, and government. Her enduring commitment to IFT, IAFP, and other organizations has meant that her leadership and mentorship have served as important examples for young scientists.

Her strong research involvements and new innovative technologies in food safety, food waste reduction, and functional foods have contributed significantly to international commercial exchanges and training of highly qualified scientists. Her most outstanding contributions are the development of several combined industrial hurdle treatments, taking into account the structure and function of functional natural extracts and the food composition.

Lisa Mauer, PhD
Professor of Food Science, Purdue University

Lisa Mauer is a professor in the Department of Food Science and the Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research, associate vice provost for faculty affairs, and the director of the Center for Food Safety Engineering at Purdue University. She is a longtime member of IFT, having joined as a student in 1992. Her research focuses on food materials science structure-function questions, emphasizing low and intermediate-moisture products, water-solid interactions (including deliquescence), food ingredient architecture, and micronutrient stability, for which she has received numerous awards, including the IFT Marcel Loncin Prize and the IFT Research and Development Award. Mauer also enjoys teaching, mentoring, and advising students. She is an inducted member of Purdue’s Teaching Academy and the Book of Great Teachers and has been a longtime contributor to IFT’s preconference short courses.

Hilary Thesmar, PhD, RD, CFS
Chief Food & Product Safety Officer & Senior Vice President of Food Safety Programs, FMI, The Food Industry Association

With over 20 years of experience in food science, food safety, and food and agriculture policy, Hilary Thesmar provides leadership for FMI’s retail, wholesale, and product supplier members on food safety training programs, regulatory affairs, recall plans and management, crisis management, research, and overall safety and sanitation programs. She also works with the FMI Foundation on food safety education and research projects.

Thesmar earned a PhD in food technology from Clemson University, a Master of Science degree in human nutrition from Winthrop University, a bachelor’s degree in food science from Clemson, and is also a registered dietitian. Thesmar is a member and volunteer with IFT, the International Food Protection Association, and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Kumar Venkitanarayanan, PhD
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, University of Connecticut

Kumar Venkitanarayanan is a professor of food microbiology serving as the associate dean for research and graduate studies at the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, University of Connecticut. Venkitanarayanan is one of the foremost researchers who investigated the potential of several classes of natural plant-derived compounds for improving food safety, especially the safety of eggs and poultry meat, at pre- and post-harvest levels. His research contributed to the development and emergence of several phytochemicals as feed ingredients for poultry. Having been successful in securing over $17 million as competitive funding for his research, Venkitanarayanan published 125 peer-reviewed journal manuscripts and 27 book chapters, and characterized five new bacterial genes. He is active in IFT by serving as the secretary of the Food Microbiology Division and as a reviewer of technical research papers and judge in graduate student competitions. He is the recipient of several accolades, including the Evonik Degussa award from the Poultry Science Association, the University of Connecticut Research Excellence and Creativity award, and the Research Excellence award from the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, University of Connecticut.


William Aimutis
Ajay Bhaskar
Ellen Bradley
Christina A. Mireles DeWitt
Lisbeth Goddik
Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia
Kevin Keener
Monique Lacroix
Lisa Mauer
Hilary Thesmar
Kumar Venkitanarayanan


Jonathan C. Allen
Robert Brackett
Keith Cadwallader
Rolando A. Flores
P. Kumar Mallikarjunan
Carmen I. Moraru
Zhongli Pan
Melvin A. Pascall
Ronald Pegg
Kantha Shelke
Cynthia Stewart
Hang Xiao


Martin Cole
John Coupland
Milda Embuscado
Christopher Findlay
Lauren Jackson
Alejandro G. Marangoni
Elena M. Castell-Perez
Hosahalli Ramaswamy
Roger Ruan
Josip Simunovic
Phillip S. Tong
Martha Verghese


Martha E. Cassens
Brian E. Farkas
Peter Jonathan Fryer
Linda J. Harris
Julie Miller Jones
Harry Levine
Yaguang Luo
Ricardo Jose Simpson
Randy W. Worobo
Guanghong Zhou


Rotimi Emmanuel Aluko
MaryAnne Drake
Bo Jiang
Tara McHugh
Claire Koelsch Sand
Gordon Smith
Geoffrey Smithers
Beverly Tepper


James Behnke
Catherine Cutter
Bruce Ferree
Peter Barton Hutt
Scott Lineback
Fatemeh Malekian
Michael McCarthy
Enrique Palou
Nagendra P. Shah
Louise Slade
A. Elizabeth Sloan
Jorge Welti-Chanes


Sheryl Barringer Janet E. Collins
H. Russell Cross
Christopher R. Daubert
N. A. Michael Eskin
Olga Martín-Belloso
David J. McClements
Hyun Jin Park
Yrjö H. Roos
Harjinder Singh
Gow-Chin Yen
Gregory Ziegler


Diane M. Barrett
Eric A. Decker
Bruce R. Hamaker
Anthony W. Kotula
Keshun Liu
Robert McGorrin
Olga I. Padilla-Zakour
Octavio Paredes-Lopez
Rukma Reddy
Juan L. Silva
Juming Tang
Pamela J. White
Raymond J. Winger
Suk Hoo Yoon
Howard Q. Zhang


Ashim Datta
Michael duBois
Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan
Lekh Juneja
Larry Keener
Lucina Lampila
Chong Lee
Gary List
Rosana Moreira
Witoon Prinyawiwatkul
PV Suryaprakasa Rao
Martin Wiedmann


Cesarettin Alasalvar
V.M. (Bala) Balasubramaniam
Reinhold Carle
Carol Ann Cooper
Philip G Crandall
Carolyn Fisher
Ravishankar Gokare
Tyre C Lanier
Mukund V Karwe
Tzu-Ming Pan
Kathleen T Rajkowski
Peter Morgan Salmon
Thomas H Shellhammer
Liangli (Lucy) Yu
Yanyun Zhao


Shai Barbut
Mary Susan Brewer
Hongda Chen
Catherine Donnelly
Wayne Ellefson
Melvin Hunt
Kathryn L. Kotula
F. Xavier Malcata
Herbert Ockerman
Mickey Parish
Phil Perkins
Elliot Ryser
Sheri Schellhaass
Bernhard van Lengerich
Zata Vickers
Rickey Yada


Noel Anderson
Alice Cha
J. Peter Clark
Hamed Faridi
Anne Goldman
David Patrick Green
Robert Hutkins
Cherl-Ho Lee
Rui Hai Liu
Kenneth McMillin
Jonathan Merkle
Charles Onwulata
Robert E. Ross
Skip Rosskam
Donald Schaffner
Arthur Teixeira
Youling Xiong


Catherine Adams
Ken Buckle
Alfred Bushway
James R. Coughlin
Theron "Tee" Downes
C. Patrick Dunne
Kathleen Nelson Feicht
Luis Fernandez
John D. Floros
Pina Fratamico
Stanley Gilliland*
Fu-Hung Hsieh
Yao-Wen Huang
John Marcy
Joseph Marcy
Dennis Miller
John Milner
Charles Sims
Fidel Toldrá
Pamela Vaillancourt
Purnendu Vasavada


Kathryn Boor
Sam K. C. Chang
John P. Cherry
Jairus David
Mario de Figueiredo
John Finley
Marianne Gillette
Vijay K. Juneja
Donald Kramer
John Krochta
Kiyoko Ruth Kubomura
Duane Larick
Richard Linton
Antonio Martin
Bonnie Sun Pan
Michele Perchonok
Vishweshwaraiah Prakash
John Rupnow
Steven Schwartz
Rakesh Singh
Lester Wilson
Carl Winter
James Swi-Bea Wu


Mary Ellen Camire
Bruce R. Cords
Ronald D. Harris
Yun-Hwa Peggy Hsieh
Guy H. Johnson
Olusola Lamikanra
John W. Larkin
Huub L.M. Lelieveld
Neil H. Mermelstein
James L. Oblinger
Jae W. Park
Damanna R. Rao
Gordon L. Robertson
Sudhir K. Sastry
Virginia N. Scott
Denise M. Smith
Louise Wicker


Douglas L. Archer
Jacqueline H.P. Beckley
E. Allen Foegeding
William C. Franke
Wayne T. Iwaoka
Arthur J. Miller
I. Sam Saguy
Aurora A. Saulo
Richard C. Whiting


Casimir C. Akoh
Hans P. Blaschek
Richard H. Dougherty
Richard W. Hartel
Ellen Lauber
Douglas L. Marshall
Michael W. Moody
Nancy E. Nagle
Mohan Rao
Barbara A. Rasco
Fereidoon Shahidi
Donn R. Ward


James N. Bemiller
Maribeth A. Cousin
Stephanie Doores
Dean D. Duxbury
L. Frank Flora
Russell S. Flowers
Susan L. Hefle*
Leslie J. Herzog
Dallas G. Hoover
Yen-Con Hung
Lucy S. Hwang
Howard R. Moskowitz
Shuryo Nakai
Barbara J. Petersen
Ralph L. Price
Shridhar K. Sathe
Shelly J. Schmidt
Joseph G. Sebranek


Jose M. Aguilera
William L. Baran
Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
R. Coe Barnard
Roger A. Clemens
P. Michael Davidson
Navam S. Hettiarachchy
Chi-Tang Ho
C. Ann Hollingsworth*
Kenneth S. Marsh
John K. McAnelly*
Michael T. Morrissey
O. Robert Noyes*
B. Onuma Okezie
George A. Purvis
David S. Reid
Kenneth E. Stevenson
Elaine R. Wedral


Christine M. Bruhn
Robert L. Buchanan
Charles L. Duncan
Susan K. Harlander
Joseph H. Hotchkiss
Mark McLellan
David B. Min*
Brian G. Raines
Barry G. Swanson
Katherine M.J. Swanson


Barbara Blakistone
Colin Dennis
Faye M. Dong
Felix J. Germino
Norman F. Haard*
David H. Hettinga
George E. Inglett
Tai-Wan Kwon
Margaret A. Lawson
Thomas J. Montville
Walter Steven Otwell
Khee-Choon Rhee
Mary K. Wagner


Robert B. Gravani
Todd R. Klaenhammer
Jozef J. Kokini
S. Suzanne Nielsen
Anna V.A. Resurreccion
Syed S.H. Rizvi
Karen M. Schaich
R. Paul Singh
John G. Surak
Pamela D. Tom


Catharina Y.W. Ang
Clark J. Brekke
Fredric Caporaso
Manjeet S. Chinnan
Michael P. Doyle
Peggy M. Foegeding*
Ruth M. Patrick
Ronald H. Schmidt
Robert L. Shewfelt
Erik Von Sydow


Wayne R. Bidlack
Gloria Brooks-Ray
John A. Carpenter
Ken Lee
William H. Root*
Walter E.L. Spiess
Richard F. Stier
Marilyn A. Swanson
Kenneth R. Swartzel


Robert C. Baker*
John C. Bruhn
Lloyd B. Bullerman
Marvin J. Byer*
Horace D. Graham*
Justin R. Morris
Michael W. Pariza
M. Anandha Rao
Ronald L. Richter
John N. Sofos
John E. Vanderveen
Bruce P. Wasserman*
Frederick H. Wolfe


Jerry N. Cash
Andrew G. Ebert
Glenn W. Froning
Virginia H. Holsinger*
James M. Jay*
John B. Klis*
Manfred Kroger
Rauno Andrew Lampi
Chang Yong (Cy) Lee
Dicki Lulay
Mary K. Schmidl
Marvin A. Tung*
Connie M. Weaver


John M. DeMan
Ronald R. Eitenmiller
Daniel Y.C. Fung
Donald D. Hamann*
Roy E. Martin
Alan J. Post*
Joe M. Regenstein
Wajih N. Sawaya
Bruce R. Stillings
Mark A. Uebersax


James J. Albrecht
James V. Chambers
William D. Davidson*
Robert V. Decareau*
Thayne R. Dutson
Barbara P. Klein
William C. Mickelberry
Richard R. Perdue
George M. Pigott
Stanley Segall
James L. Vetter


Robert P. Bates
Robert J. Braddock
Donald J. Casimir
Clayton S. Huber
William S. La Grange
Joseph A. Liuzzo
James H. Moy
Samuel A. Palumbo*
Daniel E. Pratt
Arthur J. Siedler
David W. Stanley
Ronald E. Wrolstad


Grady W. Chism III
John W. Erdman Jr.
Charles Feldberg
George J. Flick Jr.
Joseph J. Jen
Charles H. Manley
Guillermo Suarez Fernande


Roy G. Arnold
Donald A. Corlett Jr.
Pavel J. Jelen
Paul C. Ma
Pericles C. Markakis
Larry L. McKay
Charles Radanovics
Bernabe Sanz-Perez
Fred R. Shank


Louis J. Bianco*
Arnold E. Denton
Gustav Richard Jansen
Merle D. Pierson
Robert E. Rust
Laszlo P. Somogyi
Mary Ellen Zabik


Don Blenford*
Jack Cooper
Lawrence E. Dawson*
Johannes Diehl*
Seymour G. Gilbert
Judson M. Harper
Herbert O. Hultin*
John H. Kilbuck
Elizabeth Larmond
Hermann Schmidt-Hebbel
R. Bruce Tompkin
Isabel D. Wolf


Charles J. Bates*
Charles A. Becker*
Dee M. Graham
Robert C. Lindsay
Robert J. Price*
Edmund A. Zottola


Eugene C. Allen
Clyde Amundson*
J. Robert Brunner*
Robert J. Hlavacek
Paul F. Hopper*
Ogden C. Johnson*
Gerald Kuhn*
John B. Mann
Norman F. Olson
Robert E. Smith
Keith H. Steinkraus*
G. Malcolm Trout*


William L. Brown
Allen A. Kraft
Bor S. Luh*
Raymond J. Moshy*
J. Warren Stull*
Stephen L. Taylor
Robert C. Wiley


Larry Beuchat
Malcolm C. Bourne
Jean F. Caul
Kan-Ichi Hayakawa*
Lamartine F. Hood
Gabriel J. Lauro
Norman C. Miller Jr.
Nell I. Mondy*
Abdul R. Rahman*
Thomas Richardson*
Howard G. Schutz
William J. Shannon*
John H. Silliker
Romeo T. Toledo
Homer Walker*
Tamotsu Yokotsuka


Robert E. Berry
Wilbur S. Claus*
Weld E. Conley*
John E. Kinsella*
William W. Marion
Leon J. Rubin*
Don F. Splittstoesser*
Kent K. Stewart
Herbert Stone


Vigen K. Babayan*
Robert R. Baldwin*
Henri Cheftel*
Donald L. Downing*
Joachim H. von Elbe
Robert L. Henrickson
Paul Khan*
Jack K. Krum*
Elmer H. Marth*
Richard F. Matthews*
Charles W. Nagel*
Tommy Nakayama
Alvin I. Nelson*
Lowell D. Satterlee
Khem M. Shahani*
Fred R. Tarver Jr.*


Francis F. Busta
Walter L. Clark*
Leroy Dugan Jr.
Richard H. Forsythe
Masao Fujimaki
M.K. Hamdy
H.C.R. Heiss
William J. Hoover
Miguel A. Jimenez*
Paul A. Lachance
Gilbert A. Leveille
David R. Lineback
Walter A. Mercer*
Ian D. Morton*
William D. Powrie
Toshimaro Sone*
Elizabeth F. Stier*
Norman W. Tape
Bernard A. Twigg*
Lloyd D. Witter*


John A. Barnes
Andre Bolaffi
George N. Bookwalter
Albert W. Brant*
Aaron L. Brody
Robert G. Cassens
John L. Etchells*
Kenneth T. Farrell*
Martin Glicksman*
Dennis R. Heldman
Clifford M. Hollenback*
Mogens H. Jul*
Endel Karmas*
James R. Kirk*
Tung-Ching Lee
Martin W. Miller*
Edwin L. Mitchell*
Verner H. Nielsen*
Robert L. Olson*
David F. Owen
Arthur T. Schramm*
Rhule B. Sleeth
Alina S. Szczesniak


J. Ralph Blanchfield
Elwood F. Caldwell
Zerle L. Carpenter
Raymond A. Dennison*
C. Anthon Ernstrom*
Daniel F. Farkas
Owen R. Fennema
Wilbur A. Gould*
Sidney W.F. Hanson*
Herbert A. Hollender*
Sam R. Hoover*
Dorothy Ann Huber*
Melvin R. Johnston*
Carl H. Krieger*
Richard V. Lechowich
John H. Litchfield
Daryl B. Lund
Philip E. Nelson
Rose Marie Pangborn*
Robert C. Pearl*
Irving J. Pflug
Gerald Reed*
Louis B. Rockland*
D. Dattajeerao K. Salunkhe*
Robert M. Schaffner*
John D. Sink
Steven R. Tannenbaum
John R. Whitaker*


Willard E. Baier*
Benjamin Borenstein*
Hormoz K.F. Broumand
Robert F. Cain*
Fergus M. Clydesdale
Kirby M. Hayes*
Albert C. Hersom*
James D. Kemp
Amihud Kramer*
Theodore P. Labuza
Bernard J. Liska*
Gideon E. Livingston*
Jack H. Mitchell Jr.*
Hisateru Mitsuda
Roland A. Morck*
Charles V. Morr
Roy E. Morse*
Yeshajahu Pomeranz*
A. Barde Rogers*
Hatton B. Rogers
Irving I. Rusoff*
Byron M. Shinn*
Myron Solberg*
Aaron E. Wasserman
Jasper G. Woodroof*


Gale R. Ammerman*
Francis P. Griffiths*
Lois Ann Sather McGill*
Roy E. Moser
Christian J.B. Smit


Edward E. Anderson
Francis Aylward*
Ernest J. Briskey*
Alan G. Ward*


J.C. Bauernfeind*
Raymond H. Binsted*
Charles A. Glabau*
John Hawthorn*
Matthew E. Highlands*
George J. Hucker*
Anthony Lopez
Junius M. McIntire*
Max Milner*
Charles F. Niven Jr.*
John J. Powers*
Loren B. Sjostrom*
Marvin L. Speck*
Kenneth G. Weckel*


Howard E. Bauman*
Ben F. Buchanan*
Edward E. Burns
Laverne E. Clifcorn*
Frederick J. Francis*
Ellery H. Harvey*
Ivan D. Jones
Eduardo R. Mendez Jr.*
Bruce H. Morgan*
John T.R. Nickerson*
Tetsujiro Obara*
E.B. Oberg*
Bernard L. Oser*
William M. Roberts*
Herbert E. Robinson*
Charles T. Townsend*
Virgil O. Wodicka*


John C. Ayres*
Philip K. Bates*
Stephen S. Chang*
Adolph S. Clausi
Robert G. DiMarco
Charles J. Duffy*
James W. Evans*
Enio Feliciotti*
Willis A. Gortner*
Hugh T. Griswold
Richard L. Hall
Hans Lineweaver*
Gordon Mackinney*
Hamilton W. Putnam*
Edward Seltzer*
Horace L. Sipple*


Clinton O. Chichester*
Imri J. Hutchings*
Z. John Ordal*


Evan F. Binkerd*
Maynard A. Joslyn*
Marcus Karel
Albert M. Pearson*
Arthur N. Prater*
Reese H. Vaughn*


John M. Nair*
Roy C. Newton*
Harold S. Olcott*
William Stadelman*
George F. Stewart*
Gladys E. Vail*
Ernest H. Wiegand*


C. Olin Ball*
Laurence V. Burton*
Berton S. Clark*
Victor Conquest*
Michael J. Copley*
Helmut C. Diehl*
Edwin M. Foster
Charles N. Frey*
Samuel A. Goldblith*
Henry E. Goresline*
Lloyd A. Hall*
David B. Hand*
Louis B. Howard*
Rohland A. Isker*
John M. Jackson*
Charles G. King*
Reid T. Milner*
Emil M. Mrak*
Harold W. Schultz*
Bernard S. Schweigert*
Paul F. Sharp*
Ira I. Somers*
H.L.A. Tarr*
Donald K. Tressler*
Walter M. Urbain*
James R. Vickery*
Betty M. Watts*

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