Becoming an IFTSA Chapter

The food science club at your college or university is probably eligible to become a chapter of the IFT Student Association (IFTSA). As a student chapter, you’ll get to reap first-rate benefits provided by IFT, including access to online resources and exclusive networking opportunities. 

To get started, make sure your club meets the general requirements below. After that, the application process is a breeze. 


Applying to Become and IFTSA Chapter 

To become an IFTSA Chapter, your club must meet the following requirements:

  • The officers of your food science club are current IFT student members
  • Your club is at least one year old and has had at least three announced meeting during that time
  • Your club is recognized as an official campus group by your school
  • At least two members of your faculty are member of IFT and agree to sponsor your petition for chapter status
  • Your club’s bylaws gain approval from IFT’s Committee on Constitution and Bylaws. View sample bylaws (PDF). 

To apply for IFTSA Chapter status:

Your food science club must put together a petition letter which includes the following: 

  • The signature of at least one sponsor
  • The names of the officers and members of the organization
  • The founding date of the organization on campus
  • The dates of the last three meetings held  
  • A copy of the by-laws of the organization 

Submit your petition letter and supporting documents to the IFT Student Association (IFTSA) Staff Liaison, Stephanie Walaszek.

Once your club has submitted the necessary paperwork, the IFTSA Board of Directors will review and vote on your petition. If the IFTSA Board of Directors approves your chapter, a recommendation is made to the IFT Board of Directors for your club to be an official chapter of IFTSA.

The timeline for this process varies depending on when meetings are planned for both boards.

Once your chapter is an official chapter of IFTSA, you must complete the annual requirements to remain a current chapter

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