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Global Food Traceability Center Services

Enhance your organization’s traceability system with customizable services from the Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC)

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System Design
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Traceability System Design for Businesses

Developing a new traceability system? Improving your organization’s current traceability practices? GFTC's experts can help you develop, design, and evaluate traceability systems for reliability and functionality. GFTC also offers guidance on the latest best practices to make sure your organization’s traceability needs are met.

System Evaluation

Review your current traceability system with GFTC experts and gain critical insights on your supply chain efficiency opportunities. Assess and develop key performance indicators, conduct cost/benefit analyses, receive recommendations, and get clear next steps. GFTC also provides advice on navigating the latest traceability technology, including blockchain, IoT, and AI Analytics.

System Design

Design an end-to-end, interoperable traceability system guided by GFTC’s experts. GFTC’s system design support will ensure your traceability system meets your organization’s needs and is consistent with global standards.


Conduct a pilot to test your organization’s traceability performance and assess additional needs. GFTC’s pilot methodology traces a product's supply chain journey from origin to retail/food service, maps Key Data Elements (KDEs) to their required Critical Tracking Events (CTEs), and tests data exchange. The methodology also confirms traceability requirements among supply chain participants. These requirements may include product/logistical unit identifiers, data collection practices, data sharing mechanisms, evaluating traceability technology capabilities, or digitizing traceability records. GFTC will provide sample data sets, KDE/CTE matrices, gap analyses, and supply chain flow diagrams.

Standards Development For SectorsWork with GFTC’s experts to develop or extend robust, interoperable standards and communication protocols for traceability systems to function across sectors such as seafood or fresh produce. GFTC experts will work with you and your team to identify and build a community of key stakeholders that will inform your supply chain’s CTEs and KDEs. We will work closely with you and your partner organizations to draft standards and communication protocols that make sure your end-to-end traceability system tracks, traces, and delivers reliable data across your sector’s supply chain from harvest to table.

Technology Transfer for Solution ProvidersGFTC hosts hackathons and challenge events to incubate innovative ideas and technologies that enable interoperable traceability solution accessibility. GFTC’s events gather technical industry experts for hands-on opportunities to experiment and solve challenges. Participants develop and share useful tools and test new ideas to assess their capabilities.


Workshops & Trainings

GFTC offers a range of in-person and online education resources and training to help organizations and partner companies understand interoperable traceability requirements and systems. GFTC staff are available to speak at workshops, trainings, and other speaking events. 

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