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The Networking & Engagement option is a great introduction to IFT providing you ample opportunities to network—one of the most effective ways to grow your career and give you access to a wealth of collective knowledge.


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Gain access to an invaluable network, resources, and insights to help you make greater contributions through your work and to the future of food.


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An IFT Networking & Engagement membership offers you the ability to network with thought leaders, stay connected with former colleagues, and meet future collaborators. Get involved on a local level with IFT regional sections. Immerse yourself in topic-based communities with IFT’s online divisions. Utilize discounts for online courses, webcasts, and IFT’s Annual Event and Food Expo registration to further your professional growth and expand your networking ecosystem. Join today!

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  • Grow your network: Global access to a network of talented, like-minded professionals
  • Volunteer: Access to volunteer opportunities
  • Share vital information: Connect with experts who have the information you need to help you solve problems at your job

“IFT to me is THE food science professional society that I call home… this is the place that I seek knowledge, seek my inspiration, and also seek opportunities to serve the community.”

- Hongda Chen, Ph.D, CFS , (National Program Leader, USDA-CSREES-PAS)
Hongda Chen

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Section dues, where applicable, are additional and vary by section.


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