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Learn about the unique ways a Student Membership at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) can launch your career.


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Gain access to an invaluable network, resources, and insights to help you make greater contributions through your work and to the future of food.


Learn outside the classroom with an IFT Student Membership. For only $50 a year, eligible students* can jump start a career with unique tools, opportunities, and access. Gain knowledge and insight from the leading minds in food science and technology. Discover career paths you didn’t know existed. Develop new skills at your own pace with our online resources. Network with future employers and other food science students to share resources, challenge each other, and advance the science of food and food innovation.

*To qualify for a Student Membership, you must be a full-time student in an Associates program or higher studying either the field of food science and technology or a field related to food science and technology, i.e., one or more of the sciences/branches of engineering concerned with advancing food science and technology.

“I now have ideas for my career path moving forward that are completely different than I had when I first started school, and that’s all through my involvement with IFT. Because I have seen the possibilities, seen the different career paths of other people, and have a better idea of what interests me and what drives me and what makes me passionate about working in the science of food.”

- Matt Teegarden, PhD , Abbott Nutrition
Matt Teegarden

Opportunities and Resources You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

  • Access: Connect with IFT’s talented and passionate community of food science and food technology professionals and students
  • Invaluable tools and connections: Gain entry to exclusive online resources like the IFT Career Center and IFT Connect  (IFT’s online community)
  • Experience: Gain real world experience through IFT’s product development competitions
  • Leadership development: Build your personal brand by serving as a leader in the IFT Student Association
  • Scholarships: Apply for scholarships through IFT’s Feeding Tomorrow non-profit foundation

Access to the Information You Crave

  • Receive a year-long print subscription of Food Technology magazine or the Journal of Food Science online
  • Unlimited access to a whole inventory of IFT webcasts, virtual events, and podcasts for free
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the food industry with up to date news and insights from IFT’s newsletters, reports, and virtual events
  • Enjoy steep discounts on in-person and online courses and special events

Publishing Perks

Traditional-model publication charges are waived for student members publishing in IFT’s journals including the Journal of Food Science (normally $2,000) and Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety (normally $3,000)



For the price of a coffee per month, you can unlock the tools you need for your dream career in food science. 

Section dues, where applicable, are additional and vary by section.


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