Bowls of junk food such as potato chips, crackers, candy, pretzels, and puffs

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety (free access for IFT members)

Designing healthier and more sustainable ultraprocessed foods March 2024

Ultraprocessed plant‐based foods: Designing the next generation of healthy and sustainable alternatives to animal‐based foods September 2023

The clean label trend: An ineffective heuristic that disserves both consumers and the food industry? November 2022

Health benefits of whole grain: effects on dietary carbohydrate quality, the gut microbiome, and consequences of processing May 2021 (Open Access)

Dietary advanced glycation end‐products: Perspectives linking food processing with health implications September 2020

Journal of Food Science

Evaluation of the nutritional quality of ultra‐processed foods (ready to eat + fast food): Fatty acids, sugar, and sodium August 2022 (subscription access)

The monthly Industrial Applications column frequently discusses UPF research: October 2022, October 2023, June 2024 (free access)

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Reports from IFT FIRST: Annual Event and Food Expo

In Defense of Ultra Processed Foods from IFT FIRST 2023

Also watch the pre-recorded presentation: Building Healthy Dietary Patterns With Ultra-Processed Foods

The Question: Should We Eat More Processed Foods? from IFT FIRST 2022

Food Technology: Dialogue (author opinions)

Yes, NOVA Is Flawed. But It Can't Be Ignored. July 2023

Hidden Opportunities in the Processed Foods Debate February 2023

Why NOVA Misses the Mark March 2022

Read IFT’s comments regarding UPFs for the 2025-2030 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Background Information on Food Processing

From our blog: Why All the Confusion About Processed Foods

From Comprehensive Reviews: Processed foods: From their emergence to resilient technologies September 2023

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Food additives are currently being reviewed for possible connections to negative health effects of UPFs.
See IFT’s resources on Food Additives.