The Institute of Food Technologists held an open house at its new world headquarters office for the Executive Committee and guests on Saturday, March 16, 2002. Guests included members of the Task Force on Headquarters Relocation and the Nominations and Elections Committee who were also meeting that weekend in Chicago.

The new headquarters office, which opened on February 11, 2002, is situated on the tenth floor of the new Congress Center building at 525 W. Van Buren St. in downtown Chicago. In addition to offices and cubicles, the headquarters includes expanded storage capacity, a large conference room, a video conferencing room, a training room, and a staff teaming area in each department.

After 40 years at the same location, IFT had outgrown its space on one floor at 221 N. LaSalle St. The Task Force on Headquarters Relocation considered Chicago and six other cities as locations for the new headquarters and narrowed the choices to Chicago and Washington, D.C. After considering costs, staffing, and other considerations, the task force recommended that IFT stay in Chicago. The task force then considered downtown location vs suburban location and owning vs leasing, ultimately recommending leasing offices downtown. The task force then investigated 13 buildings, did site evaluations of 7, narrowed the choices to 2, and selected the Congress Center as the new location because of its floor plate capacity and efficiency of space and cost.

As a result, IFT has a new headquarters that is all on one floor, efficiently laid out for staff interaction, with proximity to all of the city’s major arteries and public transportation. The building is technologically state-of-the-art, the headquarters is 5,000 sq ft larger than the former offices, and IFT’s costs are comparable to what they would have been had we stayed in our former location.

Learn to submit JFS manuscripts electronically
Anyone interested in learning more about the Journal of Food Science’s electronic manuscript submission system, Manuscript Central, should stop by the Internet Café during the IFT Annual Meeting for a demonstration.

JFS Editorial Assistant Carole Hirth will demonstrate how to submit manuscripts and will answer questions about the Manuscript Central system. The tutorials will be held Sunday and Monday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. and from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Electronic submission via Manuscript Central speeds up the review process and allows authors to track a manuscript’s progress via the Internet 24 hours a day.

IFT recognizes 50-year members
The following individuals received 50-year-member pins this year.
Northeast—Daniel Casper, Stanley Charm, Enio Feliciotti, Frederick J. Francis, Pamela Low, Edward G. Sidd, Clifford Spotholz; Nutmeg—Wilbur H. Miller; New York—Alina S. Szczesniak; Long Island—Ralph Blumenthal, Bruce A. Lister; Philadelphia—Donald R. Macdonnell, Arnold S. Roseman; Washington—David J. Miller, Daniel Rosenfield; South Florida—Eugene Birmingham, Eric Eichwald; Florida—Donald A. Giessler, Margaret B. Rogers; Dixie—Marian F. Chastain; Volunteer—Grayce E. Goertz; Magnolia—C.S. Ekermeyer; Indiana—William Stadelman; Great Lakes—Fred W. Billerbeck, Paul H. Todd; Iowa—E.M. Ziegenfuss; Wisconsin—Gerald W. Bard, George M. Kovac, C.D. Read, Jr.; Minnesota—John C. Sailor; Chicago—Stanley J. Hotchner, Lawrence E. Klinger, Masao Nishimura, Lawrence Rosner, Joachim W. Staackmann; St. Louis—Dudley S. Titus; Kansas City—Lawrence F. Marnett; Ak-Sar-Ben—R. Burt Maxcy; Texas—Eduardo G. Carrancedo; Alamo—Warren R. Schack; Lewis & Clark—Margaret M. Hard, Marion Jacobson, Mary V. Zaehringer; Cactus—Harry A. Cox, James Fruin; Southern California—Eliot Friberg, Daniel J. Moncino; Northern California—Daniel F. Farkas, Harry R. Goff, Thomas R. Parks, Traver J. Smith; Central Valley Sub-Section—Raymond A. Johnson; Oregon—William K. Higby, William M. Higby. No section affiliation—Vladimir J. Fejtek, Halifax, NS, Canada; Arthur H.M. Greene, Ottawa, ON, Canada; John G. Krigsman, Rosanna, Australia; Robert G. Miller, Camberwell, Australia; Denis Robinson, Bernalillo, NM.

Congratulations to IFT’s first 50-year-member couple
When Margaret (Peg) Rogers received her IFT 50-Year Member pin this year, she and her husband, Hatton B. Rogers, became the first husband-and-wife 50-year-members of IFT. Hatt received his 50-year pin in 1994.

Hatt joined IFT in 1944 and became proactive in all phases of the early IFT history. He introduced industrial exhibits to the IFT Annual Meeting, and as chair of the exhibit committee for 25 years he increased the participation and influence of the suppliers and exhibitors. Under his guidance, the commercial exhibits, now known as Food Expo, became a major financial contributor to IFT.

An alumnus of the University of Florida, Hatt served in the U.S. Army during World War II. After a brief stint as an instructor in the Women’s Army Corps, he was reassigned to the Quartermaster Research Laboratories in Chicago. There, he built the first-ever mobile laboratory, which was immediately duplicated worldwide both in the armed services and in industry, and he perfected ultraviolet sterilization of sugars used in the food industry.

Hatt was vice-president of the Nestlé Co. and an officer in many of its subsidiaries, including president of Crosse & Blackwell, Berringer Wines, Kelleher & Co., and Nestlé Imports. He was the founder and president of Nestlé’s Food Ingredient Specialties (FIS), the largest savory flavor company. He was elected an IFT Fellow in 1979.

Peg, a chemistry and physics major at the University of Pittsburgh, joined IFT in 1952. She headed the organoleptic laboratory at H.J. Heinz Co.; was a founding member and president of the Nutmeg (Connecticut) Section of IFT; served on the IFT Council; chaired the nominating committee; initiated the first scientific information programs; and helped establish the IFT lectureship series. She was a consultant/writer for the Hudson Institute; was on the executive committee of the National Food Advisory Board; coauthored with Emil Mrak a section of the book Critical Food Issues of the Eighties; and wrote or edited some of the early IFT “white papers.”

Today, in retirement, Peg and Hatt divide time between their homes in Ft. Myers, Fla., and Blowing Rock, N.C. He has been Commodore of both the Royal Palm and Captiva Island Yacht Clubs, chairman of the Lee County Waterways Advisory, and Chairman of the Board of Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida. Both Peg and Hatt are also volunteer computer instructors at Lee Memorial Hospital.

New distinguished lecturers selected
IFT’s Committee on Sections and Divisions has selected seven new individuals to serve three-terms as Distinguished Lecturers.

Through the Distinguished Lectureship Program, IFT Regional Sections and Sub-Sections are given the opportunity to invite experts to speak on a variety of current issues. Costs are shared by IFT and the Regional Section.

Listed below are the lecturers for 2002-03 and their topics:
Michael Blumenthal, President, Libra Laboratories, Inc., will lecture on “How a French Fry Fries and Other Hot Topics”; “Feel Good Chocolate and Love”; “Protecting Packaging Lines from Sabotage and Terrorism”; “Sherlock Holmes and Food Science”; and “The Role of Computers in the Future of Food Science and Technology.”

Scott Brooks, Senior Manager of Food Safety, Taco Bell Corp., will lecture on “Bioterrorism: Assessing and Managing the Threats to Food Systems” and “Farm to Table Food Industry Opportunities—Bridging the Gap.”

John Cassens, President, Cassens Consulting, will lecture on “What’s New in Nutraceuticals” and “The U.S. Flavor Industry Heritage.”

Dallas Hoover, Professor of Food Microbiology, Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences, University of Delaware, will deliver a lecture titled “The Big Squeeze.”

Anthony L. Pometto III, Director, NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center, Iowa State University, and Professor, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition, will lecture on “What’s Cooking in Space? The NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center Challenge.”

Natalie Schoch, Manager of the Trends Program, Kellogg Co., will lecture on “‘F’ is for Flavor, Food, Fads, and Foremost, the Future” and “Making the Future Work for You—Using Trends for Innovation.”

Suzanne S. Teuber, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, Allergy & Clinical Immunology, University of California, Davis, School of Medicine, will lecture on “Food Allergy: The Near Fatal Kiss and Other Oddities” and “Doctor, I’m Allergic to Chocolate! . . . And Other Myths.”

Mary K. Schmidl, IFT President 2000-01, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, and NFNC, Principal, returns as a Distinguished Lecturer this year. She will lecture on “A Vision of the Food Industry In the 21st Century”; “Advances in Functional Foods: Hope or Hype?”; “The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994”; and “Obesity Control: Field of Dreams?”

Information on the Distinguished Lecturer Program and lecturer request forms are available at Request Forms must be submitted to the IFT Field Services office by June 1. Contact Gail Wiseman, Field Services Manager, at 312-782-8424 or [email protected] for more information.

In Memoriam
Edward W. Rosenbaum, Professional Member, died March 13, 2002, at the age of 73.

He was a retired and decorated Brigadier General in the U.S. Air Force.

His civilian career included a long association with David Michael & Co. Inc., where he served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. He was also an Officer in David Michael Europe SARL and David Michael de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. and was Chairman and Director of David Michael (Beijing) Flavor Co. Ltd.

He also served as Director of Diabex Resources Inc., a natural resources exploration company located in Montreal, Quebec.

Rosenbaum was an active member of IFT since joining in 1958. He was also active in a number of other organizations, including the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association.

Alfred S. Cummin, Emeritus Member, died in November 2001.

He served as Senior Vice President of Science and Technology at Borden, Inc. After his retirement, he worked with the Center for Advanced Food Technology and the Center for Packaging Science and Engineering at Rutgers University.

A member of IFT since its early days, Cummin was active in the Food Packaging Division, where he served on the Executive Committee. He also served on the Committee on Codex Alimentarius and was active in the IFT Foundation.

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