One can hardly read an article about obesity in children in either the popular press or the scientific peer-reviewed literature and not see the words “school lunch” somewhere in the article. But is this connection warranted? Let’s take a close look at school meals in the United States.

Students choose items from a salad bar in the new lunch program called “Cool Foods,” part of the Healthy Schools Campaign, at Chicago’s Nettelhorst Elementary School.Value of School Feeding Programs
More than 100 years ago, in 1894, the Starr Center Association in Philadelphia started serving penny lunches in one school. This was soon expanded to a second school. A lunch committ…

Figure 1. Types of beverages sold in schools

Figure 2. State legislative initiatives to combat obesity in schools, 1998–2005. From NCSL (2006), cited in Mello et al. (2006).

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