Margaret Malochleb

Margaret Malochleb

IFT recognizes 50-year members

The following individuals are celebrating their 50th anniversary as members of IFT: Sam Adapa, Steve Bates, Dennis J. Breitbart, John Bruhn, R. C. Chandan, Joseph WS Cheung, Marion L. Cremer, Theron W. Downes, Basant Dwivedi, Thomas C. Everson, Bruce M. Floyd, Gary M. Geist, Donald Gertzman, Thomas A. Gibson, Orlando Guedez, Yong D. Hang, Paul Jelen, Franco M. Lajolo, Kuen Ho Lee, David Levally, David R. Lineback, Shimon Mizrahi, Robert L. Olson, Gary A. Reineccius, Terence W. Richardson, Robert E. Ross, I. Sam Saguy, Thomas C. Sando, Robert F. Schiffmann, James K. Stewart, John G. Surak, Hank J. Van Driel, Herb Weiss, and Janusz M. Zak.

For John Bruhn, extension specialist emeritus at the University of California, Davis, IFT has been a part of his life since his university days. “IFT captured my attention first when I was awarded the IFT Gerber Scholarship as a junior (1957) and senior (1958) at Michigan State University,” he says.

While continuing his graduate studies, and later, as a member of the faculty at the University of California, Davis, Bruhn recalls, “The Northern California Section, Dairy Foods Division, and IFT overall each provided me opportunities for society leadership, knowledge growth, and lifelong friends. IFT was an important source of scientific information that I applied to real-world problems in the food and dairy industries. IFT was the one society that meaningfully contributed to my career.”

IFT thanks all of these valued members for their support.

Hung awarded Koehler-Ayers Professorship

IFT member Yen-Con Hung is the first recipient of the newly established Koehler-Ayers Professorship at the University of Georgia (UGA).The professorship is designated for a UGA faculty member with an outstanding record in externally funded research and/or scholarly publications who is engaged in teaching, research, public service, or a combination of such duties.

Hung is a professor in the UGA College of Agricultural and Environ-mental Sciences whose research program focuses on the development and application of advanced processing techniques to solve food safety and quality problems. After studying the use of electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) water as a disinfectant, Hung developed technology to apply EO water to ensure the safety of meat, poultry, fresh produce, and other foods. The technology also reduces bacterial contamination and disinfects food contact surfaces, contributing significantly to the foodservice and food manufacturing industries.

Hung’s dedication to global outreach and collaboration has helped to build safer food systems around the world, earning him UGA’s D. W. Brooks Award for Excellence in Global Programs in 2018 and the Bor S. Luh International Award from IFT in 2020. He also received the UGA Creative Research Medallion in 2002 and the D. W. Brooks Award for Excellence in Research in 2011.

Clemens’ column concludes

The May 2020 issue of Food Technology marked the final installment of a well-known column in our pages. For nearly two decades, Food Technology Contributing Editor Roger Clemens has provided insightful editorial content on food, health, and nutrition in his column. We offer our gratitude to Roger for his years of service to Food Technology as the creator and author of the Food, Medicine & Health column.

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