Margaret Malochleb

Margaret Malochleb

IFT recognizes50-year members

The following individuals are celebrating their 50th anniversary as members of IFT: Sam Adapa, Steve Bates, Dennis J. Breitbart, John Bruhn, R. C. Chandan, Joseph WS Cheung, Marion L. Cremer, Theron W. Downes, Basant Dwivedi, Thomas C. Everson, Bruce M. Floyd, Gary M. Geist, Donald Gertzman, Thomas A. Gibson, Orlando Guedez, Yong D. Hang, Paul Jelen, Franco M. Lajolo, Kuen Ho Lee, David Levally, David R. Lineback, Shimon Mizrahi, Robert L. Olson, Gary A. Reineccius, …

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Margaret Malochleb, Associate Editor, [email protected]
Margaret Malochleb