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Water Activity Book
Water Activity Book

Water Activity in Foods: Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition, edited by Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas et al. (ISBN: 978-1-118-76831-0), furnishes those working within food manufacturing, quality control, and safety with a newly revised guide to water activity and its role in the preservation and processing of food items. With clear, instructional prose and illustrations, the book’s international team of contributors breaks down the essential principles of water activity and water–food interactions, delineating water’s crucial impact upon attributes such as flavor, appearance, texture, and shelf life.

The updated and expanded second edition continues to offer an authoritative overview of the subject, while also broadening its scope to include six newly written chapters covering the latest developments in water activity research. Exploring topics ranging from deliquescence to crispness, these insightful new inclusions complement existing content that has been refreshed and reconfigured to support the food industry of today.

Topics have been carefully selected to provide a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms by which water activity influences the quality, shelf life, and safety of food products. Other approaches for studying water relations in food are also discussed, including the polymer science approach and water mobility by magnetic resonance. Concepts in the practical uses and applications of water activity for food formulations, processing, and storage are illustrated with practical examples from the food industry that facilitate later applications in a variety of scenarios such as research laboratories and production facilities.

Water Activity in Foods: Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition, is a must for food science professionals working in product development, quality control, and food safety. Food science students, engineers, and industry professionals alike will find the book a relevant source for fundamentals as well as a practical and informative work that makes understanding this core aspect of food manufacturing an engaging and accessible process.


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