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    Congratulations to all the IFT Student Association 2020 competition winners! And thanks to all the finalists who participated.

    Excellence in Leadership Award Recipients

    Undergraduate Recipient: Kaitlyn Davey, Univ. of Maryland

    Graduate Recipient: Jelisa Thomas, Alabama A&M Univ.

    Undergraduate Research Competition

    1st place: Noah Doshna, Cornell Univ.

    2nd place: Viral Shukla, Cal Poly Pomona

    3rd place: Paola Maria Gamboa Morena, Univ. of Costa Rica

    Graduate Video Competition, sponsored by Campden BRI

    Winner: Meghan McGillin, Cornell Univ.

    Chapter of the Year

    • Univ. of Minnesota – Twin Cities

    Outstanding Chapter: Connect

    Texas A&M Univ.

    Outstanding Chapter: Develop

    Iowa State Univ.

    Outstanding Chapter: Support

    Purdue Univ.

    IFT Division Competition Winners

    Hundreds of research papers were submitted in the division poster competition. The first-, second-, and third-place winners are as follows:


    1st place: Mayuri Ukidwe, Cornell Univ.

    Aquatic Food Products Div.

    1st place: Xingyi Jiang, Florida State Univ.

    2nd place: Praveen Sappati, Univ. of Maine

    3rd place: Ying Fan, Univ. of Florida

    Biotechnology Div.

    1st place: Gizem Catalkaya, Istanbul Technical Univ.

    2nd place: Taylor Carmon, Alabama A&M Univ.

    Carbohydrate Div.

    1st place: Jennifer Janovick, The Ohio State Univ.

    2nd place: Nuseybe Bulut, Purdue Univ.

    3rd place: Ji Eun Bae, Kyunghee Univ.

    Dairy Foods Div.

    1st place: Lauren Sipple, North Carolina State Univ.

    2nd place: Nan Li, Univ. of Tennessee - Knoxville

    3rd place: Yaozheng Liu, North Carolina State Univ.

    Dairy Foods Div. (Graduate, Oral) (Manfred Kroger)

    1st place: Grace Voronin, Pennsylvania State Univ.

    2nd place: Lisa Chou, Univ. of Minnesota

    3rd place: Clara Racette, North Carolina State Univ.

    Food Chemistry Div. (Graduate, Oral)

    1st place: Ellia La, The Ohio State Univ.

    2nd place: Kathryn Williamson, The Ohio State Univ.

    3rd place: Shuai Ren, The Ohio State Univ.

    Food Engineering Div.

    1st place: Clay Swackhamer, Univ. of California, Davis

    2nd place: Yixing Lu, Univ. of California, Davis

    3rd place: Irving Rabasa, Univ. of California, Davis

    Food Microbiology Div. (John C. Ayres)

    1st place: Cameron Bardsley, Virginia Tech

    2nd place: Jessica Lemley, West Virginia Univ.

    3rd place: Daniela Buosi, Federal Univ. of Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Food Microbiology Div. (Graduate, Oral) (John Z. Ordal)

    1st place: Kaidi Wang, The Univ. of British Columbia

    2nd place: Namhyeon Park, Utah State Univ.

    3rd place: Joshua Gukowsky, Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst

    Food Packaging Div.

    1st place: Rachel Rosenbloom, Oregon State Univ.

    2nd place: Elliot Dhuey, The Ohio State Univ.

    3rd place: Amr Zaitoon, Univ. of Guelph, Canada

    Fruits & Vegetables Products Div.

    1st place: Cierra Williams, Texas Woman’s Univ.

    2nd place: Andrea Gilbert, Univ. of Maryland, College Park

    3rd place: Chunli Lei, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    International Div. (Malcolm Bourne)

    1st place: Lukas Boecker, ETH Zurich

    2nd place: Yanting Shen, Kansas State Univ., Manhattan

    3rd place: Joanna Nadia, Massey Univ., New Zealand

    International Div. (George F. Stewart)

    1st place: Iris Haberkorn, ETH Zurich

    Muscle Foods Div.

    1st place: Morgan Denzer, Oklahoma State Univ.

    2nd place: Ravali Budavarthi, Mississippi State Univ.

    Nonthermal Processing Div.

    1st place: Hanyu Chen, Cornell Univ.

    2nd place: Alexandra Hall, Cornell Univ.

    Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods Div.

    1st place: Kevin Tveter, Rutgers Univ.

    2nd place: Adrienne Johnson, Alabama A&M Univ.

    3rd place: Keundra Golden, Alabama A&M Univ.

    Nutrition Div. (Mark L. Bieber)

    1st place: Natalia Ceron-Romero, Alabama A&M Univ.

    Product Development Div.

    1st place: Rajwinder Kaur, Alabama A&M Univ.

    2nd place: Yuanyuan Li, Cornell Univ.

    Protein Div.

    1st place: Lucy Hansen, Univ. of Minnesota

    2nd place: Azin Sadat, Univ. of Guelph

    Protein Div. (Oral)

    1st place: Serap Vatansever, North Dakota State Univ.

    2nd place: Vaidhyanathan Anantharamkrishnan, Univ. of Minnesota

    3rd place: Fan Bu, Univ. of Minnesota

    Sensory & Consumer Sciences Div.

    1st place: Sharon Li, Montana State Univ.

    2nd place: Victoria Paup, Washington State Univ.

    3rd place: Kiri Michell, Colorado State Univ.

    Sensory & Consumer Sciences Div. (Graduate, Oral) (Rose Marie Pangborn)

    1st place: Maria Cotter, The Ohio State Univ.

    2nd place: Asmita Singh, Univ. of Arkansas

    3rd place: Ryan Ardoin, Louisiana State Univ.