Margaret Malochleb

Margaret Malochleb

Salmon Skin Cracklets

Made from locally sourced Patagonian salmon, Salmon Skin Cracklets are a good source of lean protein, omega-3s, collagen, and vitamin D.

Lifeway Oat

Plant-based, dairy-free Lifeway Oat is made with 100% whole grain oats, along with live and active probiotic cultures to promote a balanced microbiome.

Kodiak’s Power Flour

Kodiak’s Power Flour is a one-to-one baking mix that adds protein, flavor, nutrients, and fiber to a variety of baked goods using 100% whole grains. vegan and paleo diets.

Salmon skin cracklets

CHILEAN HEALTH FOOD brand Williwaw recently launched its line of Salmon Skin Cracklets to the American market. The crunchy chips are made from locally sourced salmon and provide a good source of lean protein, omega-3s, collagen, and vitamin D.

Williwaw grew out of the founders’ love for a common pastime, according to company owner and founder Andrés Herrera, who explained in a press release, “As a group of friends, we enjoy going fishing in Patagonia, in the south of Chile. After fishing, we cooked out our catch in a barbecue, and we used to eat the crunchy skin.”

The zero-carb, gluten-free Salmon Skin Cracklets are shaped like triangles and come in four versions: Sea Salt, which delivers the pure taste of Patagonian salmon brushed with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt; Smokey, an intense flavor suitable for pairing with a strong malt beer; Patagonian Spice, a locally sourced blend containing traditional spices; Salsa, a combination of tomatoes and herbs accented with the sweetness of onions; and Pesto, a mix of basil and garlic along with a hint of pesto.

Salmon Skin Cracklets can be found online at Amazon and for a suggested retail price of $26.95 for a package of five bags. 

Oat drink for gut health

LIFEWAY FOODS, manufacturer of kefir and fermented probiotic products, has introduced a new dairy-free, certified vegan drink that offers the same benefits as its collection of dairy kefir products.

Lifeway Oat is made with 100% whole grain oats and contains heart-healthy beta-glucans as well as 10 live and active probiotic cultures to help promote a diverse microbiome and support healthy digestion and immunity. The plant-based drink is available in seven flavors: Plain, Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla, Peaches and Cream, Berries and Cream, Apple Cinnamon, and Blueberry Maple.

Available at retailers nationwide and online at, Lifeway Oat drinks sell for a suggested retail price of $5.99 per bottle. 

Flour power

KODIAK HAS INTRODUCED a 100% whole grain flour that elevates nutrition and taste while adding structure and strength to baked goods. 

Power Flour, an all-purpose one-to-one baking mix, consists of a hearty, flavorful baking base enhanced with three sources of protein: chickpea, a plant-based protein that provides moisture to baked goods; wheat protein isolate, a structure and strength builder; and whey, a dairy-protein source that enhances the flavor and sweetness of the overall product and assists with browning.

A healthy substitute for enriched white flour, Power Flour can be used for everything from pizza dough to pie crust and provides the flavor, nutrients, and fiber of 100% whole grains—no millstone required.

Kodiak’s Power Flour can be found at retailers nationwide and online at for a suggested retail price of $5.50 for a 23-ounce bag.

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