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Woman drinking beverage

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Woman drinking beverage

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ADM Looks Ahead

The close of one year and the start of another almost invariably brings some future forecasting, and ADM has tapped into its proprietary Outside Voice consumer insights platform to arrive at its second annual list of global consumer trends.

Although COVID-19 was not on anyone’s radar at the start of 2020, it definitely affected food and beverage trends, particularly moving immune and mental health to the forefront. “Consumers today continue to navigate a tumultuous environment that has uprooted every aspect of their lives. This has led forward-thinking brands to develop new solutions purpose-built to help consumers establish a sense of normality for themselves, their families, and their pets,” says Brad Schwan, vice president of category marketing for ADM.

Here’s a look at the trends ADM has identified.

1) Nourishment for the Whole Self: Consumers want to be more proactive about supporting their mind and body through a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle.

2) Plant-Based Lifestyles: A flexitarian approach to eating has become mainstream.

3) Microbiome as the Root of Wellness: Data indicates that 58% of global consumers are aware of the potential benefits that bacteria in the digestive system can have on their overall health.

4) Clean & Transparent Sourcing: A desire for transparency across the entire product lifecycle, from how it’s made to how it’s packaged, and beyond.

5) Humanization of Pets: 30% of global pet owners spent a significant amount of time researching the best food options in the last year.

6) Precise & Responsible Animal Feeding: There is an increased demand for optimized feed solutions that support human and animal nutrition in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner.

7) Sustainable Goodness: Brands are taking positions on environmental matters, aiming to reflect their commitment to increasing the sustainability of their production and distribution systems.

8) Advanced Renewables & BioSolutions: Consumers increasingly believe that companies should take greater responsibility for reducing waste and energy use from development to disposal.


Celebrating the Power of Rosemary

Rosemary is recognized alongside tocopherols as a major component in maintaining natural freshness and flavor thanks to its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Kemin Industries pioneered the use of rosemary molecules in ingredients in the late 1990s and is celebrating 25 years of growing its proprietary line of rosemary to create sustainable solutions for foods. Kemin’s proprietary rosemary is formulated into effective clean label solutions to help keep food fresher, safer, and more flavorful.

“It took many years for the pet food and food industries to broadly accept purposefully bred rosemary target molecules as worthy additions to mixed tocopherols,” says John Greaves, vice president of specialty crops, Kemin Industries. “Demand for clean label products, and the use of rosemary really increased over the last 10 years.”

Prior to Kemin developing its rosemary program, the plant was mainly wild harvested in Southern Europe and North Africa. Kemin scientists analyzed and selected the most potent lines of rosemary from around the globe and used conventional plant breeding methods to begin a continuous improvement program, which resulted in one of the largest collections of rosemary in the world.

“We operate our own proprietary, fully vertically integrated supply chain for rosemary, working very closely with our contract growers and supporting them in the field with agronomists,” says Greaves. The company continues to invest in plant breeding, cropping system development, novel agronomic technologies, and certified sustainable growing practices in order to produce more of its target molecules from the same land area as a key component to a sustainable future. “We are developing new plant species as sources of complementary molecules that work in a complementary manner to rosemary,” Greaves notes.



Photo courtesy of Wixon


Photo courtesy of Wixon

Wixon adds Japanese flavors

Burgeoninginterest in Japanese cuisine in the United States spurred Wixon to create new Japanese-inspired flavor systems. Taking key flavors that are commonly found in Japanese cuisine,   such as shoyu, yuzu, and togarashi, Wixon taste experts created a diverse range of complex flavor systems: Umeboshi Coconut, Smoky Shoyu Caramel, Smoky Tonkatsu, Yuzu Hojicha, Sudachi Kosho, Salted Caramel Miso, Japanese Whiskey Shoyu, Garlic Togarashi, Japanese Curry, and Pickled Ginger.

Dry blend MFGM

Arla Foods Ingredients launched Lacprodan Premium MFGM-10, a dry blend version of its MFGM (milk fat globule membrane) ingredient, helping infant formula manufacturers reduce energy usage and production costs without compromising on safety or quality. Arla Foods Ingredients has also become the first supplier with the capacity for commercial production of pure beta-lactoglobulin (BLG).

Lacprodan BLG-100 is a pure BLG ingredient that contains 45% more leucine than commercially available whey protein isolates. The company has applied for Lacprodan BLG-100 to become authorized as a novel food in the European Union.


Photo courtesy of AAK


Photo courtesy of AAK

Plant-based fat portfolio

AAK has developed AKOMEL, a portfolio of clean label and plant-based fats from sustainable sources for chocolate and confectionery manufacturers that are looking to benefit from the growing popularity and premiumization of caramel. AAK has also agreed to purchase BIC Ingredients, the lecithin arm of BIC International Holding. The company will integrate BIC Ingredients’ products into its current portfolio of specialty lecithins, sold under the Akolec brand.


FrieslandCampina Ingredients, global innovator in healthy and functional prebiotic ingredients and solutions, and Lallemand Health Solutions, specialists in the research, development, production, and marketing of probiotic yeast and bacteria, have partnered to launch two brand-new gut health product concepts. PRO-Digest Health Shot and PRO-Digest Bowel Support bring prebiotic and probiotic ingredients together into single concepts that will enable companies to formulate enhanced gut health products.

• Dutch health ingredients company NutriLeads announced the launch of its proprietary immune health ingredient, BeniCaros. Upcycled from carrot pomace, BeniCaros is developed for supplements and functional foods and beverages.

Fiberstar launched a next generation of TX products called Citri-Fi TX20, which provide meat-like texture and thickening power with minimal flavor impact in meat substitute products. At low usage levels (2%–4%), this new Citri-Fi TX20 helps product developers create meat alternatives that simulate their animal-containing counterparts. Labeling options include citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp, or citrus flour, all of which resonate well in clean label markets.

Glanbia Nutritionals’ new OvenPro Series provides a range of functionally beneficial ingredients that allow a variety of baked goods to contain higher levels of protein and fiber with low levels of sugar and net carbs. The OvenPro Series includes OvenPro Bread and Bread Zero Net Carb, OvenPro Cake, and OvenPro QuickBread. The benefits of the series include 1:1 flour replacement formulated for quality PDCAAS to support excellent and good source claims for protein and fiber, easy inclusion in formulations, and the fact that it is keto-friendly.

 • Cargill launched a soluble rice flour, SimPure 92260, which exhibits similar taste, texture, and functionality to maltodextrin, an ingredient commonly used as a bulking agent and flavor carrier. The company says that soluble rice flour appeals to consumers’ desire for label-friendly ingredients.

Kerry released Botanicals Collection ZERO 2.0, an enhanced, next-generation range of premium taste extracts for low-/no-alcohol drinks. Compared with other ethanol-free technologies, the Collection ZERO 2.0 range is more stable, with no haze or sedimentation, and a more complex botanical taste and mouthfeel.

Ingredion announced a new Prista line of ultra-performance pulse-based ingredient solutions. HOMECRAFT Prista P 101 pea flour, VITESSENCE Prista P 155 pea protein concentrate, and VITESSENCE Prista P 360 faba bean protein concentrate facilitate the inclusion of plant protein into more applications, including instant and ready-to-eat products.

ESHA Research, a leader in nutrition analysis and labeling software, announced the launch of REX, an online regulatory compliance documentation search portal for food and supplement labeling regulations, guidance, policy records, and more.

Sweegen is expanding its sweetener portfolio in early 2022 with the zero-calorie, high-intensity sweetener brazzein. The product was developed in collaboration with long-term innovation partner Conagen, which has scaled it to commercial production. Brazzein is a small, heat-stable protein that is 500 to 2,000 times sweeter than regular sugar. 


As part of its strategy to expand the portfolio of its global Taste & Wellbeing business, Givaudan has reached an agreement to acquire DDW, The Color House, a U.S.–based natural color company. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2021.

ADM, a global leader in food and nutrition, has been ranked 27th on Fortune’s 2021 Change the World list, a global ranking of the top 50 companies making a positive social impact through business practices that are integral to their core corporate purpose. The company has made large-scale investments in cutting-edge protein solutions spanning plant-based, cell-based, microbial fermentation, insects, and more. ADM also announced that it has achieved net carbon neutral status for its U.S. flour milling operations through a combination of energy efficiencies, purchase of renewable energy certificates, and sequestration of carbon dioxide at the company’s commercial carbon capture and storage facility.

bioMérieux’s GENEUP NUTRAPLEX PRO multiplex pathogen detection assay has achieved the AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Methods approval (PTM 082103). GENEUP NUTRAPLEX PRO is the first-ever method to be validated as a multiplex pathogen screen and PCR culture confirmation method for USP pathogens in nutraceuticals.

Ingredion Inc. signed a strategic distribution agreement with Batory Foods, making Batory an authorized licensed distributor of Ingredion’s Systems and Ingredient Solutions in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. The distribution agreement does not include sweeteners, specialty sweeteners, polyols, stevia, or sugar reduction systems. Ingredion also entered into an exclusive U.S. stevia pilot production supply agreement with S&W Seed Company, which will supply Ingredion and its PureCircle by Ingredion subsidiary with high-quality, U.S.–sourced stevia plants.


Photo courtesy of Kalsec


Photo courtesy of Kalsec

Kalsec has partnered with Firmenich, a privately owned perfume and taste company, to launch Lupulock Encapsulated Hop Oils. Lupulock is a groundbreaking natural alternative to hop cones and pellets that enables brewers to accelerate production and reduce waste while delivering consistent, authentic flavors and aromas. Kalsec provides hop extracts that have increased consistency, higher utilization, and more flavor differentiation than traditional hops. Firmenich supplies its proprietary encapsulation technology that extends shelf life.

Roquette announced the opening of a center of expertise of 2,000 square meters on its site in Vic-Sur-Aisne in Hauts-de-France, France. Fully dedicated to plant protein, the R&D accelerator will enable Roquette to support its growth ambitions. Besides extending its pea and wheat protein range, Roquette intends to introduce several new sources of protein every five years.

Pilot results showed a dramatic increase in sanitization efficiency and complete elimination of Listeria using Bio-Fence antimicrobial coatings applied to the floor and the lower part of the walls of a hot dog peeling room. Results from the proof-of-concept study demonstrated that Bio-Fence technology, when embedded in an industrial topcoat, can serve as a powerful antimicrobial solution that stabilizes and prolongs the activity of standard sanitizers, thereby helping to dramatically reduce the spread of Listeria.

training session

Photo courtesy Symrise Diana Food

training session

Photo courtesy Symrise Diana Food

Symrise Diana Food has organized and instituted a new training session that specifically targets farmers in the French Alps who supply fruits for baby food. The program, which focuses on best practices for soil biodiversity, aims at improving the quality and yield of the key crops used in baby foods. With this training, Symrise Diana Food agronomists can show farmers the role soil plays in producing fruits and vegetables that capture all the inherent goodness of their terroir.

Fiberstar has partnered with two new food ingredient distributors, Accurate Ingredients and Gillco Ingredients. Fiberstar sells Citri-Fi citrus fiber globally using a robust distributor network.

OmniActive Health Technologies announced that it has received Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status for Gingever, a high-potency ginger extract designed to help support digestive and immune health at a low dose.

Ardent Mills, a flour milling and ingredient company, announced its intention to acquire substantially all the business assets of Firebird Artisan Mills, a gluten-free, specialty grain and pulse milling company that is part of operating holding company Agspring. The parties are continuing with due diligence and expect the deal to close by the end of 2021.

GNT, manufacturer of EXBERRY Coloring Foods, announced an initial investment of $30 million to expand its operation in North America. The company’s new facility in North Carolina currently features an expansive warehouse, with a technical and culinary experience center set to follow in August 2022.

IFF Health introduced a revamped website ( that brings together the expanded capabilities of the newly merged IFF Health and HOWARU businesses. This resource hub is a launchpad designed to provide brand partners and co-manufacturers with deep technical insights, updated market intelligence, and comprehensive microbiome innovation resources.

J. M. Huber Corporation and SolAmerica Energy announced the completion of a 1.8 megawatt (DC), ground-mounted solar array located at the Huber Engineered Materials Fire Retardant Additives Marblehead facility in Quincy, Ill. The plant is now receiving more than 60% of its power from the array during daylight hours. This effort is part of the state-administered Illinois Shines incentive program supporting the development of new solar energy generation throughout the state.