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Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is one of the most cost-effective, versatile, and commonly used methods of preserving food products available today. Employed in both ambient and chilled conditions, it can prolong shelf life and preserve the quality of a wide array of items via careful processes of atmospheric engineering. A new IFT Press book, Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Foods (ISBN: 978-1-119-53076-3), delves into the essential scientific principles underlying this technology and provides a thorough and practical explanation of all aspects of MAP.

SunLee Book
SunLee Book

Chapters covering the development, impact, and day-to-day application of the technique give a well-rounded understanding of its pivotal role in the food industry, while accounts of other active packaging methods help to provide broader context. This important new book includes:

Detailed guidance on all aspects of MAP—from its scientific background to its practical application

Information on how specific MAP products may be developed according to their particular engineering principles

Coverage of the related active and intelligent packaging techniques

Discussion of relevant food safety issues and regulations

Packed with information that is vital for industry professionals and food science researchers alike, Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Foods, edited by Dong Sun Lee, is an essential text for those working to improve the quality and shelf life of the food we eat. Using discussions of critical principles, key ideas, and recent developments, along with typical applications, knowledge is presented in a connected series of chapters, with an emphasis on engineering principles to explain underlying concepts.

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