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    Kroger Award
    Kroger Award

    Annually, IFT recognizes one reviewer who has contributed significantly to IFT’s scientific journals through high-quality, timely, effective reviews and who consistently helps authors improve their manuscripts through constructive criticism and valuable feedback. This award is in honor of longtime Journal of Food Science (JFS) and Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety (CRFSFS) editor Manfred Kroger, professor emeritus at Pennsylvania State University. Kroger was well known during his tenure as editor for his comprehensive, constructive feedback to authors. The IFT journal editors select a winner from among the top reviewers of the past five years; these reviewers have frequently accepted review invitations and completed on-time, in-depth, fair, and appropriately critical reviews.

    This year’s Manfred Kroger Outstanding Reviewer Award went to Gordana Bogdanovic of the Oncology Institute of Vojvodina, Serbia. Bogdanovic has reviewed more than 50 times for JFS, accepting 100% of the invitations that she received.

    When asked about her experience reviewing, Bogdanovic replied, “I am always happy when I recognize a new idea and a new approach in a manuscript, especially in areas that are of special interest to me. This is the main reason why I still accept to review manuscripts even after retirement. I read each manuscript very carefully and I correct every part, from the title to the references. I always try to point out the good sides of the manuscript, whether it is the idea of the work, experimental techniques and methods, or the analysis of the results.

    “In the review process,” she continued, “I am guided by the golden rules that apply to reviewers, primarily with a timely response and well-intentioned recommendations and suggestions for authors.”

    The IFT journals team extends sincere congratulations and thanks to Bogdanovic for her enthusiasm and dedication to advancing the science of food.

    Good peer reviewers are critically important to the function of scientific journals. To find out how to serve as a volunteer reviewer for IFT’s journals, see the Reviewer Resources page on the Scientific Journals section of the website.

     As Bogdanovic says, “I warmly recommend all young scientists to accept the task of a reviewer because it helps them to better understand their activities in the fields they deal with and thus constantly improve their knowledge.”

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