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Innovators at the Expo

Hundreds of ingredient, equipment, and technology providers will showcase their products and services at the IFT FIRST food expo in Chicago’s McCormick Place this summer. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the companies that will be exhibiting on the show floor. For more information on the world’s largest business-to-business food expo, including a full list of exhibitors, visit iftevent.org.


California Almonds logo
California Almonds logo

Almond Board of California


Contact: Harbinder Maan, [email protected]

Specializes in: Almonds

The Almond Board of California (ABC) will be at IFT FIRST on July 11–13 in Chicago. Visit ABC’s booth (S0825) daily at noon for recipe demonstrations and discussions with ABC’s Culinary Consultant Chef Henry Hill that will showcase on-trend recipes like Spicy Almond Crunch Puffs and will highlight almonds’ key role in new product innovation.

ABC experts will be on-site for California Almond Solution Sessions to discuss a variety of topics relevant to IFT attendees’ areas of expertise, including product development, nutrition, sustainability, and more. To schedule a meeting, email [email protected] with your availability and topic interest. ABC provides food professionals with new technical research, consumer data, sustainability materials, and insights around innovative product development opportunities for almonds. On behalf of the almond growers and processors in California, ABC promotes natural, wholesome, and quality almonds through a research-based approach to marketing, farming, and production. Visit almonds.com to learn more.

Amano logo
Amano logo

Amano Enzyme


Contact: 847-649-0101, [email protected]

Specializes in: Specialty Enzymes for Food Production

The market for plant-based foods is growing exponentially, and new science in enzyme technology has been growing in tandem to help transform plant protein into delicious alternative meat and dairy products—often without additional ingredients.

At IFT FIRST this year, Amano Enzyme will showcase its latest enzyme innovations to help improve the functional properties of meat and dairy alternatives. For instance, Laccase Y-120 (LC-Y120) synergistically cross links protein and sugar beet pectin to improve the binding ability of patties. It also increases juiciness and reduces cooking loss. This new enzyme follows on the heels of other breakthrough enzymes, including Umamizyme, which adds a savory, meatier taste to plant-based foods, and PG 500, the first food enzyme to increase solubility of proteins at low pH, improving mouthfeel and increasing foaming activity and stability. Visit Amano Enzyme at booth S3154.

Beneo logo
Beneo logo



Contact: 973-867-2140, [email protected]

Specializes in: Functional Fibers, Functional Carbohydrates, Specialty Rice Ingredients, Functional Proteins

AT IFT FIRST, booth S2410, BENEO will showcase its portfolio of plant-based functional ingredients from sugar beet, chicory root, rice, and faba beans, which help improve the nutritional and technical properties of products by supporting health and optimizing taste and texture.

With only 2 cal/g, sugar-like technical and sweetening properties, and no cooling effect, Isomalt is an ideal sugar replacer. It’s also tooth-friendly and low glycemic. For keto dieters, Isomalt works well with chocolate and other sweets as it does not contribute to ‘net carb’ count. The company will serve product samples made with Isomalt at the expo, enabling visitors to the BENEO booth to experience how sweet sugar-reduced indulgence can be.

When it comes to improved texture, BENEO’s rice starches are a fit for plant-based product manufacturers. Acting as texturizers, they provide a creamy mouthfeel, body, and stability to dairy alternatives, including drinks, desserts, and spreads.

Biocatalysts - ABrain Group Company logo
Biocatalysts - ABrain Group Company logo

Biocatalysts Inc.


Contact: [email protected]

Specializes in: Discovery, Development, and Manufacture of Enzymes

Biocatalysts Inc. is a part of the BRAIN Group and offers commercial food processing enzyme products as well as customized enzyme development, upscaling, and manufacturing contract services. The company caters to makers of branded and private label products looking for specific enzyme solutions to fine-tune taste and texture profiles utilizing enzymatic protein-, lipid-, and carbohydrate- modification technology.

Biocatalysts’ state-of-the-art manufacturing site located in Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom) includes a range of different fermentation and DSP capabilities, fit for diverse microbial strains; it operates under the FSSC22000 food safety certification scheme. Introduction of a second 10 m³ fermenter enables Biocatalysts to act as a medium-scale enzyme and protein production site that is unique within the industry.

Bioenergy Life Science, Inc logo
Bioenergy Life Science, Inc logo

Bioenergy Life Science Inc. (BLS)


Contact: Penny Portner, 763-757-0032

Specializes in: Plant-Based, Low-Carb/Keto, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Gut Health

BLS bills itself as a “total solution provider” with patented, well-researched ingredients for functional foods and beverages.

Bioenergy Ribose does more than enable beverage formulas to deliver noticeable, sustained energy by replenishing cellular ATP. It’s also a contributor to plant-based proteins’ flavor and aroma. Functional foods and beverages formulated with RiaGev may benefit cognition and concentration as well as provide simultaneous increases in ATP, NAD, and glutathione production.

Consumer demand for clean label, non-GMO, sustainable products, as well as plant-based, low-glycemic, and keto-friendly options, is transforming the global food system. BLS can partner with clients on everything from ingredient selection and formulation to strategic marketing support.

Custom Flavors logo
Custom Flavors logo

Custom Flavors


Contact: [email protected]

Specializes in: Organic and Natural Flavors and Flavoring Extracts: Liquid and Powder

Custom Flavors is not only who the company is, but also exactly what it does. Custom Flavors develops and manufactures flavors that are customized to specific product requirements. For a wide range of products, such as vitamin-fortified gummies, protein powders, and enhanced beverages, Custom Flavors provides flavors to meet needed processing parameters and labeling claims.

As flavor creators as well as product formulators, Custom Flavors team members align flavor formulation with the finished product, saving product development time and accelerating speed to market. Those who want to learn more are invited to visit the company’s recently opened Innovation Center to engage in custom flavor development and new product creation. Working side by side with the Custom Flavors team allows for trimming an extended product development timeline to a matter of days.

Gold Coast Ingredients, inc logo
Gold Coast Ingredients, inc logo

Gold Coast Ingredients


Contact: Kendra Graham, 323-724-8935, [email protected]

Specializes in: Flavors, Colors

Gold Coast Ingredients, a privately held and operated wholesale flavor and color manufacturer, will have its team on hand at IFT FIRST at booth S0834 to serve up savory and sweet flavors and offer various styles of vegan sloppy joes as well as beverages.

The company’s product portfolio includes organic, natural, non-GMO, allergen-free flavors and more, available as liquids, powders, powder encapsulations, emulsions, and advanced extractions. Gold Coast flavors are compatible with any product requirements. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Commerce, Calif., and Gilbert, Pa., and products are developed at Gold Coast’s S.M.A.R.T. Center in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., where sales, marketing, applications, research, and technology operate under one roof to maximize creative efforts.

Hawkins Food Ingredients logo
Hawkins Food Ingredients logo



Contact: [email protected]

Specializes in: Antimicrobial Systems, Phosphate Alternatives

Hawkins provides domestically produced ingredients, clean label antimicrobials, phosphate alternatives, and custom solutions. The company’s team prides itself on serving as a reliable and trusted source of ingredients since 1938 and also touts its commitment to security of supply.

Hawkins’ team of meat and food scientists works to provide clients with solutions tailored to specific needs. Hawkins specializes in ingredient solutions for meat, poultry, seafood, sauces, and prepared foods. The company also provides traditional ingredients. Food expo attendees are invited to visit the Hawkins team in booth S1729.

Ingredion logo
Ingredion logo



Contact: Karen Constanza, [email protected]

Specializes in: Sweeteners, Starches, Nutritional Ingredients, Biomaterials

Consumers are hungry for meat and dairy alternatives made from sustainable and nutritious plant-based proteins. But formulating convincing tastes and textures in alternatives is no easy task. Combining deep know-how and applications expertise—and a broad portfolio of plant-based proteins and texture solutions—Ingredion is well-positioned to help accelerate the path to market.

Partner with Ingredion to leverage proprietary consumer insights and dedicated plant-based technical expertise with a full range of plant-based ingredients, including all-in-one system solutions. At Ingredion’s Idea Lab innovation centers, the company focuses on formulating what’s next in plant-based protein alternatives, including plant-based seafood. Technical experts at the company’s meat and meat alternative center of excellence in Englewood, Colo., have developed solutions for a variety of plant-based seafood products like fishless sticks, filets, shrimp, crab cakes, and calamari.

Kikkoman logo
Kikkoman logo

Kikkoman Sales USA


Contact: KikkomanUSA.com/foodmanufacturers/contact-us/

Specializes in: Asian Sauces and Seasonings

When consumers go organic and gluten-free, they expect to give up gluten, not delicious flavor. Kikkoman Organic Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce allows product developers to make good on both counts, ranging from Asian to mainstream applications.

Unlike traditional soy sauce, which is made from a blend of soybeans and wheat, Kikkoman Organic Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce is gluten-free because it is made of three ingredients: water, organic soybeans, and salt. The product has light brewed notes, and is tart, sweet, and salty with a rich and delicate aroma. It is clear reddish brown without visual impurities. Because it’s fermented following the centuries-old Kikkoman practice, it still develops all the robust umami richness customers expect from Kikkoman.

Medallion Labs logo
Medallion Labs logo

Medallion Laboratories


Contact: [email protected], 800-245-5615

Specializes in: Nutritional Labeling, Dietary Fiber; Sugars and Sweeteners; Protein: Vegan Sources and Blends; Protein Quality: Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS); Shelf-life Testing

Expertise, accuracy, and elevated service govern the core of Medallion’s food analysis offering. This offering has been refined, in part, through Medallion’s work supporting one of the world’s leading food companies.

The company continues to advance with breakthrough technologies and methodologies that keep its scientists and, ultimately, food and ingredient companies, confidently on the forefront of industry standards. Companies that work with Medallion Labs get a partner with more than 45 years of experience in the industry—a partner with a mission of protecting food and ingredient companies in a highly regulated industry and a partner that uses a deep understanding of analytical food and nutritional testing and the science behind it to design a custom approach to its clients’ needs.

Roha logo
Roha logo



Contact: 314-289-8300

Specializes in: Color Ingredients, Synthetic Colors, Natural Colors

ROHA is one of the largest players in the food color and ingredients industry, serving major names in the fast-moving consumer goods, pharma, and food and beverage industries. ROHA continually evolves to serve its clients by co-creating new and innovative solutions that anticipate future requirements and developments.

At IFT FIRST, ROHA will be showcasing its new clear and hazy beta-carotene emulsions. These include yellow to deep orange shades. The beta-carotene range is stable and vibrant throughout high temperature processing and shelf life. Product advantages include easy dispersibility, wide range of pH stability, no ringing, heat stability, and the availability of both fungal and nature identical beta-carotene options. The company also will be showcasing its Niveous portfolio. Niveous is a titanium dioxide substitute for panned candies, gummies, jellies, and beverages. It comprises starch and calcium carbonate–based solutions. FIRST attendees are invited to stop by booth S1434 for more information.

Sweegen logo
Sweegen logo



Contact: Katharina Pueller, [email protected]

Specializes in: Nature-based Sweeteners, Taste Modulation, Natural Flavors, Sugar Reduction in Beverages, Dairy (Traditional and Alternatives), Confectionery, Condiments, Sauces, Sports Nutrition, Bakery

As zero calorie sweetness and taste modulation experts, Sweegen team members work to reimagine the world of wellness by pioneering new ingredient technologies. The company’s Signature Sweetener portfolio delivers zero-calorie sweetness from nature with a range of innovations, including Bestevia Reb M, Reb E, Reb D, and more. Sweegen’s new Ultratia brazzein and custom sweetener systems unlock new possibilities in sugar reduction.

When creating better-for-you products, taste modulators can help rebalance a food or beverage system by blocking bitterness, boosting the perception of sweetness, managing a lingering note, enhancing mouthfeel, or reducing astringency, making them an important tool for product developers working to achieve sugar reduction. Sweegen has Innovation Studios in Southern California, Mexico City, and London, with another coming soon in Singapore. The company touts its category-specific equipment, unique ingredients, and passionate team members.