Emily Little

Emily Little

Nguyen Coffee Supply RTD Vietnamese coffee

Nguyen Coffee Supply uses the robusta bean, which is grown primarily in Vietnam and uses fewer pesticides than traditional coffee beans.

Country Crock Plant Cream

Country Crock Plant Cream can be used in place of heavy whipping cream and contains 29% less saturated fat.

Crepini’s new Eggless Wraps

Crepini’s new Eggless Wraps can be used in a variety of options for those looking for a plant-based option.

Sustainable coffee is ready to drink

Nguyen Coffee Supply is entering the ready-to-drink (RTD) market with its Vietnamese coffee. This product is the first in the United States made with 100% robusta beans.

Featured in Nguyen’s products since 2018, the robusta is grown in Vietnam. Robusta farmers use more sustainable practices with fewer pesticides than conventional coffee bean growers. The bean has more caffeine, less fat, and less sugar. Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the world and the leader in robusta bean production.

“After studying the RTD coffee market in the United States for years, I could only find ‘100% arabica’ or nondescript blends,” said Nguyen Coffee Supply founder Sahra Nguyen in a press release. “We’re excited to show the world the potential of Vietnam’s beloved robusta.”

The first RTD coffee product from Nguyen Coffee Supply is a Classic Black Cold Brew, with more products coming in the future. The coffee is made with 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar, and is dairy-free, gluten-free, and shelf-stable.

Nguyen Coffee Supply RTD Vietnamese Coffee is available for purchase at Whole Foods.

Whipping up plant-based cream

For those looking for a plant-based dairy replacement in their cooking, Country Crock launched its new Plant Cream. This product is a plant-based alternative to heavy whipping cream and can be used easily in a one-to-one swap.

Country Crock Plant Cream’s taste and versatility make it a smart option for vegetarian, dairy intolerant, or “plant curious” consumers, said brand lead Natalie Cooper in a press release. “We believe that once consumers make the switch, they will find surprising ways to enjoy it, including reheating leftovers, making ultra-creamy pastas, or baking a delicious dessert.”

Country Crock Plant Cream expands the brand’s line of dairy- free and vegan products. The Plant Cream is certified plant-based by the Plant Based Foods Association. Additionally, Plant Cream has 29% less saturated fat than its dairy counterpart.

Plant Cream can be found nationally at Kroger as well as regionally at various grocery retailers.

Egg wraps, now without the egg

Crepini has already led the way in carb replacements with its egg wraps. Now consumers can have plant-based options with Crepini Eggless Wraps made with JUST Egg.

Crepini partnered with JUST Egg, which has developed an egg alternative that contains no cholesterol and 5 g of plant-based protein per serving, to make an eggless wrap that is vegan, low in calories, rich in protein, and free of carbs, as well as sustainably produced.

“Since our inception here at Crepini, we’ve been looking for ways to disrupt the carb-free category with keto-friendly options that aren’t only easy to eat anywhere but are delicious and versatile for every meal,” said Crepini founder Paula Rimer in a press release. “With the launch of our first eggless wrap, we’ve innovated a way to make eating well easy for people of all different dietary preferences, from gluten-free to keto to vegan.”

The wraps are versatile; they can be rolled up with traditional sandwich ingredients, heated in a frying pan, baked, or simply eaten as a quick snack. Crepini Eggless Wraps made with JUST Egg are available nationwide at Sprouts retailers.

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