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Showcasing Innovation at the Expo

The IFT FIRST Food Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago this summer will be home to hundreds of ingredient, equipment, and technology providers. Here’s an advance look at some of the companies that will be highlighting their products and services. Visit for more information on the Food Expo experience, including a list of exhibitors.

Applied Food Sciences Logo with Ingredients
Applied Food Sciences Logo with Ingredients

Applied Food Sciences (AFS)

Contact: Brian Zapp, [email protected]

Specializes in: Caffeine, Plant-Based Protein, Botanicals, Vitamins, Organic Ingredients, Antioxidants, Extracts, Non-GMO Ingredients

For over 20 years, Applied Food Sciences (AFS) has inspired and innovated functional ingredients for the natural products industry. Quality is transparent through organic farming, responsible sourcing, and sustainability. AFS specializes in organic caffeine, nootropics, plant-based protein, ginger, turmeric, and organic vitamin C.

Looking for the future of caffeine? AmaTea Max organic guayusa extract is a clean, nootropic source of energy, clinically studied on gamers and athletes for improved focus, stamina, and cognitive flexibility, without the jitters. PurHP-75 hemp heart protein is a nutritional powerhouse with 75% protein, essential fatty acids, dietary fibers, and minerals. By removing the outer shell of the hemp seed and using only the white inner “hemp heart,” AFS delivers a smooth, neutral sensory profile, perfect for a variety of food and beverage applications. Stop by the AFS expo booth to learn more about the company’s services.

Bepex International
Bepex International

Bepex International

Contact: Eric Halland, [email protected]

Specializes in: Custom-Configured Process Equipment, Material Transformation

Bepex team members pride themselves on collaborating closely with food technologists and R&D teams to develop custom solids processing systems that achieve production goals efficiently and effectively. Solving challenging applications by providing the most appropriate technologies for customer needs, including thermal and drying operations, agglomeration, and size reduction processes is Bepex’s specialty.

PCX Dispersion Dryer has become a popular alternative to traditional spray dryers in recent years. It can handle feeds with higher solids content, making it more cost-effective by reducing the overall utilities required in drying and emissions generated. Whether a material is a wet-cake, gel, slurry, or free-flowing solid, the PCX can deliver high evaporative rates and more control over the final product. To learn more, contact Bepex.

Cargill Logo
Cargill Logo



Specializes in: Fats and Oils, Plant Proteins, Sweeteners, Texturizers, Salt and Sodium Reduction Solutions, Cocoa and Chocolate, Postbiotics, Other Health-Supportive Ingredients, and More

Cargill helps customers meet today’s challenges, leveraging consumer insights, a broad ingredient portfolio, state-of-the-art technologies, and deep expertise to solve problems and support innovation.

This year, Cargill is showcasing Gerkens Sweety Cocoa Powders, which enable up to 30% sugar reductions in chocolaty beverages. These cocoa powders are low in bitterness, with a strong, well-balanced chocolaty flavor and a sweet perception. As a result, less sugar is needed in the final application, enabling sugar reduction without additional sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Equally important, sensory testing with both adults and children affirms that Sweety’s chocolaty flavor is a hit for people of all ages.

Cargill booth visitors will be able to sample prototypes including a plant-based ice cream made with recently launched Go!Drop smart fat solution, PURIS pea protein, and EverSweet stevia sweetener. Its reduced-sugar, reduced-fat formulation offers indulgence without guilt.

CJ Food & Nutrition Tech Logo
CJ Food & Nutrition Tech Logo


Contact: Iris Lee, [email protected], 630.241.0112 

Specializes in: Natural Flavor, Plant-Based Ingredients/Additives, Sodium Reduction, Flavor Enhancement, Amino Acids, Functional Ingredients, Sports Nutrition, Microbial Fermentation

CJ Food & Nutrition Tech (CJ FNT) strives to create customized solutions that meet clients’ nutritional and clean label ingredient requirements. The CJ FNT team takes pride in the company’s sustainable and naturally fermented products.

CJ FNT’s TasteNrich and FlavorNrich portfolios provide a variety of taste solutions. They are 100% plant-based, certified kosher and halal, and contain no GMOs or allergens. With a range of applications, from sodium reduction to flavor enhancement in sauces, snacks, seasonings, and plant-based alternatives, they offer versatile flavor solutions to meet diverse consumer needs.

With the growing demand for wellness and better-for-you products, CJ FNT offers WellNrich, ActiveNrich, and AMINATURE. AMINATURE is a brand of vegan amino acids for food, sports nutrition, nutraceutical, and personal care applications. WellNrich and ActiveNrich are brands of specially formulated ingredients to support wellness and healthy aging. Visit CJ FNT at booth S1841.

Color Maker Logo
Color Maker Logo


Contact: Christina White, [email protected], [email protected], 714.572.0444

Specializes in: Natural Color Blends

colorMaker develops and manufactures custom natural color blends compatible with its clients’ product, process, and packaging requirements. Founded in 1996, colorMaker combines art and science to produce custom natural color blends that help clients wow their customers.

colorMaker now offers a limited product line of organic certified natural colors in addition to its existing portfolio of organic compliant natural colors. colorMaker can help improve the visual appeal of foods, beverages, and nutritional products whether a company is developing a 100% organic product or simply a product labeled organic.

colorMaker works only with color additives exempt from certification under 21 CFR 73; the company does not sell artificial colors. Natural colorants include annatto, beet juice, beta-carotene, caramel colors, carmine, chlorophyll, iron oxides, grape juice, hibiscus, lycopene, paprika, purple carrot, red cabbage, red radish, saffron, spirulina, sweet potato, and turmeric.



Contact: Alice Lee, technical marketing manager, [email protected]

Specializes in: Natural Colors, Certified Organic Colors

EXBERRY by GNT has launched Vivid Orange - OS, the first 100% oil-soluble plant-based color made from non-GMO paprika in the EXBERRY Coloring Foods portfolio. This versatile and vibrant orange shade is ideal for replacing paprika oleoresin and artificial colors in a broad range of fat-based sweet and savory applications.

The physical process used to make this radiant shade is an oil extraction that is free from organic solvents, delivering one of the highest-intensity plant-based colors. With consumer-friendly labeling and strong color performance, EXBERRY Shade Vivid Orange - OS is cost-effective with low usage levels and high-stability performance. This kosher, vegan, and halal-certified shade can be used in snack seasonings, bakery products, plant-based meats and cheeses, dips and dressings, frosting and decorative coatings, breading, and various meat and fish products.

Hawkins Food Ingredients Logo
Hawkins Food Ingredients Logo


Contact: Fritz Wagner, [email protected]

Specializes in: Antimicrobials, Traditional Ingredients, Clean Label Ingredients, Tailored Solutions, Custom Blending

As a domestic ingredients source, Hawkins offers stability of supply that reduces disruptions. The company provides access to a large product line of ingredients, including clean label and traditional ingredients.

Serving customers since 1938, Hawkins provides clients with tailored solutions and custom blending as well as technical expertise and capabilities to support product development goals.

The company’s liquid manufacturing capacity can help clients manage formula costs. Hawkins’ technologies deliver effective pathogen controls, including listeria controls, and help companies address shelf-life concerns.

Leprino Nutrition Logo
Leprino Nutrition Logo

Leprino Nutrition

Contact: Jim Camerlo, [email protected]

Specializes in: Whey Proteins, Micellar Casein, Sweet Whey, Lactose, Nutraceuticals

Leprino Nutrition is a leading supplier of quality nutrition ingredients for brands across the globe. The company is dedicated to helping clients achieve success and is committed to providing its partners with high-quality nutrition ingredients and superior customer service—capabilities it has honed after decades in business.

At IFT FIRST, Leprino will showcase its new highly functional and premium ingredients such as Micellar Casein Concentrate, Native Whey Protein Isolate, Pre-Acidified Whey Protein Isolate, Microparticulated Whey Protein Concentrate 80, Microparticulated Milk Fat Globule Membrane, and its new nutraceutical line called L-Pro for Immune-Care, Brain-Care, and Joint-Care. IFT FIRST attendees are invited to stop by or schedule a meeting with Leprino Nutrition team members at booth S1673 to learn more about the company’s innovative dairy ingredients.

Martech Research Logo
Martech Research Logo

Martech Research

Contact: Benedict Maresca, technical director, [email protected], 803.428.2000

Specializes in: Spray Drying, Fermentation, Emulsification

Martech Research has achieved impressive results in emulsifying and spray drying oils, such as fish and flaxseed oils, to create powders with oil contents of up to 50%. This has been accomplished using label-friendly systems that maintain low carbohydrate levels.

Additionally, Martech has improved the taste of its formulas, minimizing metallic and bitter aftertastes. Through the use of enzymes or fermen-tation, Martech can modify sugars and proteins to achieve desired taste and rheological properties. The resultant material can be transformed into a shelf-stable powder through the process of spray drying.

One of the key advantages of working with Martech Research is the company’s ability to help clients go from development to full production, starting from bench scale and ramping up to full production. Martech’s team takes pride in innovative approaches and full-service offerings for companies in need of product development and production support.