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Disruption Reset

Post pandemic and amid inflationary pressures, some manufacturers have opted to refocus on core product offerings. Others—often smaller companies—still seek to disrupt the status quo with new product innovation, but the burden of proof is much higher to secure investors.

By Kayt Sukel
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Rabobank consumer foods analyst Thomas Bailey thinks the time has come for the food industry to ready itself for “boredom.”

Bailey first made that point a year ago in a report entitled ‘Disruptive’ Food Products Prove to be More Hype Than Bite: Is the Age of Food Disruption Over? in which he argued that attempts to revolutionize food products in the form of new technologies like plant-based meats, synthetic fat replacements, and precision fermented milk proteins failed to hit the target. As a re…

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About the Author

Kayt Sukel is a book author, magazine writer, and public speaker who frequently covers scientific topics ([email protected]).