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Episode 10

The Jack in the Box Effect, Gluten-Free Breads, Marie Wright on Flavor

This episode of Omnivore features all-new conversations on timely topics with leading food scientists and industry experts taken from the pages of the April 2023 issue of Food Technology magazine.

US Foods’ Dr. Ann Marie McNamara joins us to talk about the 30th anniversary of the Jack in the Box E. coli O157:H7 outbreak and how it revolutionized food safety. USDA researchers Ryan Ardoin and Brennan Smith discuss their recent study of gluten-free breads without bitterness. ADM’s Marie Wright shares her journey as a flavorist in her 30-plus year career.

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Dr. Ann Marie McNamara
Dr. Ann Marie McNamara is vice-president, food safety and quality for supply chain, manufacturing and commercialization for American foodservice distributor US Foods. In addition to her groundbreaking work at FSIS, McNamara has created and led food safety and risk assessment initiatives at USDA FSIS, Sara Lee Corp., Mérieux NutriSciences, Jack in the Box, and Target Corp.

Ryan ArdoinBrennan Smith
Ryan Ardoin and Brennan Smith are food research scientists with the USDA Food Processing and Sensory Quality Research Unit at the Southern Regional Research Center in New Orleans, LA.

Marie Wright
Marie Wright is the chief global flavorist and president, creation, design and development at ADM. In her role, she leads a team of 700 scientists to develop great-tasting and nutritious food. In 2013, she founded the ADM Academy of Future Flavorists, which has since expanded globally and across all functions.

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