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Episode 35

Global Food System Challenge, Business Skills in Food Science Curricula, Feeding the Food Science Talent Pipeline

The May episodes of Omnivore feature not-to-be-missed expert commentary on the latest food system innovations, challenges, and cutting-edge science.

Katharina Diehl, scaling specialist at HarvestPlus, talks about the impact HarvestPlus’ work has had in Nairobi and what it plans to do with the Seeding The Future Global Food System Challenge Grand Prize to scale the impact. Professor Anuradha Prakash talks about how to bring business skills into food science curricula through Chapman University’s dual MS/MBA program. IFT President-Elect Chris Daubert discusses the impact of the looming enrollment cliff on feeding the talent pipeline in the food sciences.

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Katharina Diehl Katharina Diehl, scaling specialist in the HarvestPlus section of the Innovation Policy and Scaling Unit, based in Nairobi, has been working on sustainability-oriented innovations in agriculture for more than 10 years.

Anuradha Prakash Anuradha Prakash, PhD, is Professor of Food Science at Chapman University in Orange, CA and Science Advisor to the FDA Pacific Regional Lab-Southwest. At present, she is evaluating the effect of irradiation on the quality of fruit treated by irradiation for insect disinfestation with the ultimate goal of eliminating global trade barriers by reducing the threat posed by invasive pests.

Chris Daubert Chris Daubert, PhD, is Vice Chancellor & Dean of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources the University of Missouri, and president-elect of IFT for 2024/2025.

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