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Episode 36

Exploring ‘Nutrition’s Dark Matter,’ EPR Packaging Hits the U.S., Naandi Foundation on GFSC

The May episodes of Omnivore feature not-to-be-missed expert commentary on the latest food system innovations, challenges, and cutting-edge science.

Biotech entrepreneur Sofia Elizondo discusses the untapped power and potential of bioactive compounds, which she describes as “the dark matter of nutrition.” Packaging expert Claire Koelsch Sand provides insight into Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging, an environmental policy approach gaining traction in the U.S., and ways that brands can best prepare for implementing these food- and packaging waste reduction programs. Rohini Mukherjee talks about the Naandi Foundation and how they are planning to use their grand prize winnings from the Seeding the Future Global Food System Challenge.

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Sofia Elizondo Sofia Elizondo is cofounder and COO of Brightseed, a biotech startup that is using artificial intelligence to identify bioactive compounds that have the potential to advance human health. Before Brightseed, she was vice president of corporate strategy and business development at Hampton Creek and a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Stanford University.

Claire Koelsch Sand Claire Koelsch Sand, PhD, contributing editor to Food Technology and IFT Fellow, is a global packaging leader with more than 35 years of food science and packaging experience. Dr. Sand is the owner and founder of Packaging Technology and Research, LLC, and an adjunct professor at Michigan State University and CalPoly. Sand's mission is to enable a more sustainable food system by advancing science and value chain innovations that increase food shelf life and prevent food waste.

Rohini Mukherjee Rohini Mukherjee is the head of global partnerships and strategy at the Naandi Foundation. In her current role, she leads the Policy and Strategy Cell and has overseen the successful completion of two large-scale surveys. Before joining Naandi, she worked in rural west Bengal for 14 years as a founding member of a grassroots community group.

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