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Food and Nutrition Security

For over 80 years the IFT has engaged experts in food science and technology and related disciplines from academia, government, and industry to help solve many of the world’s greatest food-related challenges.

IFT formed the Food & Nutrition Security Steering Committee (FNSSC) in 2021. Since then, the FNSSC has hosted several virtual roundtable discussions, resulting in its white paper series, Food Science and Technology Solutions to Improve Food and Nutrition Security, that can guide the global food science and technology professional community in identifying key challenges in food and nutrition security and elevating existing and new technological solutions.

Advancing the Use of Underutilized and Biofortified Crops

This white paper examines benefits, opportunities, and challenges surrounding underutilized or “orphan” crops, such as sorghum, taro, and pawpaw, as well as biofortified crops, which are staple foods (i.e., corn, beans, and potatoes) that have increased levels of key micronutrients to help feed deficient populations.

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Sustainable Production of Nutritious Foods Through Processing Technology

Processing technologies have the potential to enhance and preserve nutritional quality and improve overall food and nutrition security. This paper explores the potential for expanding current and novel processing technologies that enhance and preserve nutrition.

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Reducing Food Loss & Valorizing Food Processing Side Streams

This white paper is a step in a coordinated approach by the food science and technology professional community to align efforts at mitigating food loss from the middle segment. Strengthening these coordinated efforts among public and private sectors; allocating resources dedicated to food science and technology solutions; and legislative action are necessary to meeting global targets to reducing food loss while feeding the world.

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