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Section Recognition

IFT is pleased to recognize below the Sections of Excellence and Sections of Merit for 2019–2020. This recognition symbolizes the section’s commitment to IFT, section members, and the food science and technology profession. To receive these designations, the section must meet or exceed several criteria, including holding a variety of events throughout the year and demonstrating exemplary volunteer service. Results are announced each year in June. Congratulations to the following sections on their achievement:

2019–2020 Sections of Excellence

Aksarben Section IFT New York Section IFT
Alamo Section IFT Northern California Section IFT
British Section IFT Nutmeg Section IFT
British Columbia Section IFT Ohio Valley Section IFT
Central New Jersey Subsection IFT      Oregon Section IFT
Chicago Section IFT Philadelphia Section IFT
Florida Section IFT Puget Sound Section IFT
Great Lakes Section IFT Southeastern Section IFT
Iowa Section IFT Southern California Section IFT     
Longhorn Section IFT Volunteer Section IFT
Minnesota Section IFT  

2019–2020 Sections of Merit

Bluegrass Section IFT Mid-South Section IFT
Cactus Section IFT Oklahoma Section IFT
Hawaii Section IFT Rocky Mountain Section IFT     
Japan Section IFT San Joaquin Section IFT
Kansas City Section IFT      St. Louis Section IFT
Keystone Section IFT Washington DC Section IFT
Lake Erie Section IFT Wisconsin Section IFT
Long Island Section IFT  

2019–2020 Outstanding Section Volunteers

The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes exceptional efforts in volunteerism. Section Officers nominate individuals for their dedication and contributions to their section and IFT. Congratulations to these volunteers for their outstanding service!

Bonneville Section IFT
Gale Rudolph
Brad Taylor

British Section IFT
Bertrand Emond
Henrietta Sameke

British Columbia Section IFT
Zhiren Karl Li
Lin Li
Michelle Lui
Adeelah Saad

Chicago Section IFT
John Budin
John Ruff

Dogwood Section IFT
Archana Parikh
Nathalie Plundrich
Robert Price

Great Lakes Section IFT
Anna Cheely
Jennifer Elegbede
Susan Riippa

Intermountain Section IFT
Jay Astle
James Thomas

Iowa Section IFT
Mark Bollom
Shannon Coleman
Adam Schonert

Kansas City Section IFT
Rachel Klataske
Julie Ann Ruttan

Lake Erie Section IFT
William Osgood

Longhorn Section IFT
Viviana Rushton
Madalyn Thibodeaux Broussard

Minnesota Section IFT
Lindsay Kay Budin
Michael Getter
Emily Grisbeck
Beth Ann Nylander
Dena Kay Strehlow
Tess Tierney

Northern California Section IFT     
Carol Ann Cooper
Bruce Ferree
Anjali Ganpule
Imelda Vasquez
Ashwini Wagh
Nutmeg Section IFT
Susan Gerulis

Ohio Valley Section IFT
Paul Bluman
Cathy Heil
Matthew Teegarden

Oregon Section IFT
Alexander Meldrum

Philadephia Section IFT
Colleen Creamer
Mark Hines
Rosemary Trout

Puget Sound Section IFT
Ilona Datskovskaya
Jan Drahota
Amanda Hobson
Annette Jones
Brittany Kovacevic
Megan Leifson

Rocky Mountain Section IFT
Sarah Andrews
Sandra Baack
Ann Schimschal

San Joaquin Section IFT
Kady Beth Francone
Tushar Sawant
Sydney Stout

South Eastern Section IFT
Nancy Brach Rogers
Susan Mungai
Tamanna Ramesh

Southern California Section IFT     
Ash Husain
Suraj Meharwade
Ricardo Olivas Gastelum
Holly Lynn Swartz
Jonathan Tong
Erin Vaughan

Volunteer Section IFT
Valerie Bradley
Fur-Chi Chen
Aliyar Fouladkhah
Virginia Mercer
Mickey Miller
Karen Powers

Western New York Section IFT
Marilyn Konopka
Dennis Napora
Olga Padilla-Zakour
Sean Quigley
Irene Steg
Wenqin Tang

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