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Section Recognition

IFT is pleased to recognize below the Sections of Excellence and Sections of Merit for 2018–2019. This recognition symbolizes the section’s commitment to IFT, section members, and the food science and technology profession. To receive these designations, the section must meet or exceed several criteria, including holding a variety of events throughout the year and demonstrating exemplary volunteer service. Results are announced each year in June. Congratulations to the following sections on their achievement:

2018-2019 Sections of Excellence

 Aksarben Section IFT  Minnesota Section IFT 
 Alamo Section IFT  New York Section IFT
 British Section IFT  Nutmeg Section IFT
 British Columbia Section IFT  Ohio Valley Section IFT
 Central New Jersey Subsection IFT             Philadelphia Section IFT      
 Chicago Section IFT  Puget Sound Section IFT
 Florida Section IFT  San Joaquin Section IFT
 Great Lakes Section IFT  South Eastern Section IFT
 Iowa Section IFT  Southern California Section IFT          
 Kansas City Section IFT  Volunteer Section IFT
 Keystone Section IFT  Washington DC Section IFT
 Long Island Section IFT  
 Longhorn Section IFT  


2018-2019 Sections of Merit

 Bluegrass Section IFT                        Northeast Section IFT 
 Cactus Section IFT  Northern California Section IFT
 Hawaii Section IFT  Ozark Section IFT
 Lake Erie Section IFT  St. Louis Section IFT
 Mid-South Section IFT  Wisconsin Section IFT


2018-2019 Outstanding Section Volunteers

The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes exceptional efforts in volunteerism. Section Officers nominate individuals for their dedication and contributions to their section and IFT. Congratulations to these volunteers for their outstanding service!

Aksarben Section IFT
Traci Grummert

British Section IFT
Richard B. Benson

British Columbia Section IFT
Jessica Larioza
Lisa Lin
Felicia Loo, CFS
Ellen Lu

Central New Jersey Subsection IFT
Carol B. BoNey
Veronica M. McBurnie

Chicago Section IFT
Joy E. Dell’Aringa
Linda S. Perucca, CFS
Laura Saran, CFS

Dogwood Section IFT
Kim Shovelin

Great Lakes Section IFT
Chelsey Timm

Iowa Section IFT
Leah Gilman
Jessica Schaumburg

Kansas City Section IFT
Matt Becker
Julie Medley
Londa Nwadike

Longhorn Section IFT
Christopher Beninate
Kallen Ly

Louisiana Gulf Coast Section IFT
Franklin David Bonilla
Vondel Vandeker Reyes Ortega

Minnesota Section IFT
George Annor
Cheryl Bell
Tina Hacker
Tess Tierney

New York Section IFT
Melanie Gong
Joseph H. Hildebrand
Brenda Joy Margolies
Spencer W. Sullivan

Northern California Section IFT
Stacey M. Hawley
Katherine Kennedy
Charlwit Kulchaiyawat, CFS
Eric Le Barbe
Reshmi Raman
Craig Rothe

Nutmeg Section IFT
Nicole Noel Whitney, CFS
Ohio Valley Section IFT
Paul Bluman
Robert Burge
Jennifer Lessick
Kelley Lowe
Kathryn E. Nixa, CFS
Matthew Teegarden

Oregon Section IFT
Jo Ellen B. Wayne, CFS

Ozark Section IFT
Kristen E. Gibson

Philadephia Section IFT
Jake A. Hammerman
Lynn M. Gotuaco
Joan F. Lorenz
John P. Pcsolar
Mary Randzo
Priscilla M. Spall

Puget Sound Section IFT
Hayley Maureen Bell
Paul R. Cole
Hannah Elizabeth Dressen
Tiffany Lynn Fegurgur-McGillivray
Amy J. Leir
Lisa D. Weller

San Joaquin Section IFT
Kady Beth Francone
C. Scott Nichols
Kimberly Sharaya Williams

South Eastern Section IFT
Lida Rahimi Araghi
Feng Chen
Nigel Gilbert Chimbetete
Susan Mungai
Tamanna Ramesh
Shantrell Renee Willis

Southern California Section IFT
Kathleen Nelson Feicht
Amy Graham Fitch
Dan Rosson
Efran Tash
Olive Yao Li

St. Louis Section IFT
Jan Benning
Kelley Bridgmon
Gregory Cosgrove
Sydney Marie Knobel-Graves
Samuel Mudd
Phoebe Qian

Volunteer Section IFT
Valerie H. Bradley
Aliyar Fouladkhah, CFS
Virginia O. Mercer, CFS
Karen S. Powers
Qixin Zhong

Western New York Section IFT
Irene Marie Steg


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