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Tools and Traning

Tackle Traceability More Efficiently with the Global Food Traceability’s Tools & Training

The Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC) provides you with the tools, trainings, and educational resources needed to effectively manage your company's food traceability needs. Build your traceability knowledge with our in-person and online courses or utilize tools such as the Traceability Workbook to build your business’s robust and interoperable traceability system.

Demystifying Traceability
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Demystifying Traceability
Learn the fundamentals of food traceability through this self-paced, introductory-level course that will help you understand the latest product tracing practices and technologies; and teach you to build your own forward-looking, interoperable, and trustworthy traceability plan.

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GFTC Traceability Workbook
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Traceability Workbook
Take your Traceability Knowledge to the next level - build your own robust traceability plan with GFTC's expert guidance. This workbook includes a comprehensive, 6-step guide and interactive worksheets to empower you to evaluate, design, and implement your traceability system.

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On-Demand Content

Explore the latest ideas and thinking in food traceability and deepen your knowledge in key traceability topics.

Food Fraud

Food Fraud and Traceability in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises On-Demand Webcast

On Demand Webcast

The ABC’s of Traceability

Tech Talk

TechTalk Podcast: Tech-enabled Traceability in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety. (Allison FDA Podcast)

Tools & Resources

Use the GFTC’s practical tools to make informed decisions on your company’s traceability policies and implementations.

Traceability Payback Calculator

Traceability Payback Calculator

Identify the benefits of traceability for your company and understand the ROI of traceability implementation.

Traceability Playbook
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Evaluate your current traceability plan or build a new one from scratch using the GFTC’s expert step-by-step guide.

Traceability Workbook

Glossary Tracebaility Terms

Traceability Terms

Learn the critical language and terms needed to keep up to date in food traceability and transparency by reviewing GFTC’s Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

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