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Although based on a conference held in Sydney in 1996, this book is not your typical conference proceedings. This slim volume contains 22 chapters, each tightly edited to convey a single note contributing to a symphony of flavor knowledge.

The first four chapters provide the fundamental foundation for the rest of the book, which is grounded in physiological response to selected tastes and aromas. The next nine chapters take an industrial approach to consumer and sensory testing, with a decided Pacific Rim flavor. Chapters 14–17 emphasize the anatomy and physiology of olfactory perception, with particular reference to recent advances in molecular mechanisms. The final five chapters are devoted to sensing technology, using both animal and electronic models.

The striking features are the book’s voice and its balance. With one or two exceptions, these are not authors who would be presenting papers at an IFT meeting; thus, the book provides a perspective that most food scientists interested in flavor are likely to miss. The editors have avoided the pitfalls normally encountered in a conference book, such as a wide range in chapter length, quality, and format. Too often, these books have nothing to offer readers familiar with the field while overwhelming the novice, but this one should provide nuggets for most readers. It provides nice balances between the theoretical and the applied, between data presentation and review, and between traditional and novel techniques. The chapters are not esoteric points of view held together by loosely structured topics; rather, they represent an intriguing and educational view into human flavor perception and physiology.

A delightful reading experience!

Robert L. Shewfelt, IFT Fellow, Professor, Dept. of Food Science and Technology, Univ. of Georgia, Athens

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