The functional food market is growing at a rate of 15–20% per year, and the industry is claimed to be worth $33 billion (Hilliam, 2000). Functional foods—also known as nutraceuticals, designer foods, medicinal foods, therapeutic foods, superfoods, foodiceuticals, and medifoods—are defined as “foods that contain some health-promoting component(s) beyond traditional nutrients” (Berner and O’Donnell, 1998). Foods can be modified by addition of phytochemicals, bioactive peptides, ω-3 polyunsaturated…Functional Foods from Probiotics and Prebiotics

Table 1—How foods are modified to become functional foods. Adapted from Berner and O’Donnell (1998)

Table 2—Bacterial species primarily used as probiotic cultures. Adapted from Krishnakumar and Gordon (2001)

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