There is no argument that kids have become one of the largest markets in many parts of the world. While it may be difficult to put a finger on any precise amount, the purchasing influence of kids has been estimated at $300 billion in the United States alone. Food and beverages represent as much as 60% of that impressive youth market. Small wonder that food and beverage manufacturers are continuously scrambling to discover what tickles the palates of kids and teens.

Fourth-graders finish their samples after completing their descriptive analysis of different brands of peanut butter. Photo courtesy of M. Swaney-Stueve.Children’s Behavior, Likes, and…

Effect of interviewer (Mom vs. Peryam & Kroll researcher) on children’s liking ratings (5 = “really good”) for powdered orange drinks differing in sugar concentration. Means sharing a common letter are not significantly different from one another (p < 0.05). From Popper et al. (2002).

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