By making it possible to investigate more alternatives in less time and at lower cost, flow modeling can help bring better products to market while lowering development costs. Flow modeling software (also known as Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD) can be used to create a virtual prototype of the product or process that simulates real-world conditions.

Computed results include detailed predictions of flow velocity, temperature, and species concentrations for almost any piece of process equipmen…

Fig. 3—Pressure profile and velocity vectors for three types of screw elements.

Fig. 4—Static mixing analysis showing concentration contours on the center plane.

Fig. 5—Distributive mixing study between straight (left) and twisted (right) blade geometries. The trajectories of a large number of tracer particles are computed to assess the performance of each mixer.

Fig. 6—Twisted blades provide better performance over time.

Fig. 7—Vibromixer disk with 60 conical perforations.

Fig. 8—Isosurface of constant velocity magnitude of 1.5 cm/sec showing the formation of jets during the downward stroke of the vibromixer shown in Fig. 7.

Fig. 9—Contours of gas volume fraction in a bioprocessing mixing tank with two impellers.

Fig.10—Product temperature vs heating time for canned food in a still cook retort.

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