Aaron L. Brody

When, in the course of IFT events, it becomes necessary to deliver culinary quality food to target consumers—as we all are—the teaming of chefs and food scientists and technologists becomes a necessary marriage. Chefs, as we all know— or will soon, as they permeate our “turf ” and we theirs—generate high-quality food products they refer to as “gold standards.” Translating these gold standards created in their—and our—laboratory kitchens into food products that can be mass produced and shipped ov…

Examples of products in which application of hurdle technologies results in extended shelf life include, clockwise from top left, jam (controlled water activity of product plus low-moisture-permeability package plus natural preservative to retard mild surface microbial growth); pasta (water activity, clean fill, reduced oxygen, and chilling integrated into a single barrier package); lunch kits (water activity control, modified atmosphere, refrigerated distribution, and barrier packaging); and salsa (clean fill, pH control, ultra-high pressure, oxygen control, and chilled distribution).

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