Donald Pszczola

Donald E. Pszczola

A popcorn kernel that does not pop. A steak that is on the tough side. A low-sodium soup that tastes a bit like dishwater. A strawberry-flavored beverage that does not quite capture the experience of eating fresh strawberries. These are some of the food situations that everyone has probably encountered at some time or another.

A low-sodium soup may be formulated with a series of fl avors that can provide the flfl avor-enhancement properties traditionally performed by salt.

Some of these annoyances we take for granted, accepting them as part of life much like we accept the occasional flat tire. For example, if you like microwave popcorn, you t…

What a person consumes affects that person both directly and through the genome. Understanding this can lead to the development of new health solutions.

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Donald Pszczola

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