Clare M. Hasler, ed.

Although the title of this book might imply that the regulation of functional foods and nutraceuticals is complete, the situation is still very fluid, even in the United States and Japan, the countries furthest along in the development of these regulations.

The book can be divided into three parts. In the first, the editor has done a fine job of setting the stage with several chapters describing functional foods and nutraceuticals from various perspectives, defining terms, and providing some informative case studies.

She follows this orientation with some very cogent discussions by authors from leading Washington, D.C.–based law firms and a consumer advocacy group. The attorneys describe the ontology of the guidance and regulation as a product of the several laws and precedent in play on this issue, including the development of the “exclusionary clause” and the “prior market clause” and the far-reaching importance of Pearson v. Shalala, which required an overhaul of the guidance the Food and Drug Administration had attempted to put in place. These forces continue to shape the guidelines and invite new issues to come forward, all of which should be a warning that it is too early to draw bright lines and that regulations cannot get ahead of the science.

The third and largest part of the book consists of chapters describing regulations in specific countries and supranational regulatory bodies and, importantly, how cultural influences have shaped regulations. Valuable insight is provided on why regulations are sometimes so different from, or so similar to, those in the U.S.

The editor has done a very good job of keeping her authors on point and presentations consistent, so it is possible to make some one-on-one comparisons between chapters. Redundancy and space-gluttonous lists have been kept to a minimum, making for an interesting book for anyone with an interest in the area.

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Clare M. Hasler, ed.
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Reviewed by: George A. Burdock, Founder and President, Burdock Group, Vero Beach, Fla.