Trans Fats Alternatives
As replacements for lard and tallow, partially hydrogenated oils rich in trans fatty acids offered unprecedented plasticity and excellent organoleptic properties to food formulators of an earlier generation. The challenge of our generation is to match these properties from a more limited palate of options, preferably in a manner that does not increase cost or change our products.

This timely and concise collection provides a sharply focused insight into the priorities and strategies needed to address the biggest regulatory challenge of fat and oil users of this decade. Kodali and List have gathered a succinct summary of the problems and solutions, and have provided clear guidance for our current situation.

The book comprises seven chapters and an appendix, each of which addresses an important aspect of trans fat alternatives. The first chapter provides an overview of the functional contributions and chemistry of trans fatty acids in food. The second chapter, authored by two Food and Drug Administration experts, addresses the FDA regulations driving the change. The current state of the nutritional aspects of trans fatty acids and a chapter on the analytical challenges of quantifying trans fats follow. On this foundation, a chapter outlines the various strategies available for the significant and expensive reformulation efforts needed at this time. Subsequently, the topic of communication with consumers about trans fats is addressed.

The final chapter provides a strategic overview of reformulating products containing trans fats, with several thought-provoking perspectives that will prove useful in guiding food industry professionals in many other decisions than replacing trans fatty acids.

The appendix deserves special mention. The lipid product offerings of six major oil suppliers, representing untold hundreds of hours of labor by each supplier, are listed and described. This valuable reference puts at the fingertips of professionals faced with reformulation of food products the best offerings of these suppliers. As expected, the index is comprehensive, increasing the value of this volume as a reference tool.

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Reviewed by Scott Bloomer, Oils, Fats, and Cocoa Patent Liaison, Archer Daniels Midland Inc., Decatur, Ill.