Ted Wilson

Norman Temple, eds.

Beverages have become case studies of product reinvention. Who would have thought there could be so many permutations of water, coffee, tea, soda, milk, juice, or alcohol? Worldwide, this category ranks at the top in the number of new product introductions. Yet there are few texts available that address this broad category in areas of health and nutrition. Here is such a book, offering a mix of research, government, and industry voices that speak on the past, present, and future of beverages. While the content is clearly relevant to those concerned with health and nutrition, it also provides insight for those in marketing and product development to ascertain areas of opportunity.

The editors of this book have compiled an excellent coverage of a broad spectrum of beverage types and health issues. The 28 chapters are divided into 11 categories that present historical perspectives—alcoholic beverages, juices, coffee, tea, cocoa, milk and milk alternatives, nutritional supplementation and weight control, performance enhancement and rehydration, bottled and tap waters, soft drinks, and labeling requirements. The book concludes with a discussion of refining beverage nutrition to provide healthy lives. Each chapter is well outlined and has a very useful summary of “Main Points for Primary and Clinical Review.”

Rather than just review these categories, experts in each respective field offer insights and in-depth discussions on specific hot topics. This provides a change of pace from chapter to chapter, and there is a sense of the cumulative insight that you get at a symposium. This is particularly well done with regard to the recurring topics of the effects of different beverage categories on major health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

The last chapter by the editors offers a thoughtful summation of the book’s content and poses questions for the future. It ends with the comment that “The tremendous progress in research related to the health effects of beverages, combined with technological developments, leads one to expect that new beverages will steadily appear that combine the best of the present with new discoveries soon to be made.”

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Ted Wilson and Norman J. Temple, eds.
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ISBN: 1-59259-415-8. 2004. 428 pp.

Reviewed by Jill Rippe, Director of Research & Development, Main Street Ingredients, La Crosse, Wis.