J. Peter Clark

Liquids and solids are mixed and blended for many reasons in food processing.

Powder disperser, the Ytron ZC from Quadro Engineering, incorporates a high-shear, slotted rotor/stator designed to create a liquid ring generating significant vacuum in the reactor head. This vacuum draws powders from the hopper above into the reactor head, where they are sheared into the liquid phase before hydration takes place. The result is a smooth, consistent, lump-free slurry without recirculating and over-shearing the product after hydration takes place.Some common examples include dispersing gums and stabilizers in ice cream mix; dissolving salt and sugar in water to make brines; suspending vegetables and meat pieces in broth for soups and sauces; mixing oil, eggs, and vinegar to make mayonnaise; and dispersing water in flour to make bread dough.

Some of the parameters that distinguish different regimes of mixing include the proportion of solid to liquid, the viscosi…

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