Tongue-Tingling Yogurt
In an effort to get older kids such as “tweens” age 9–12 to consume more yogurt, General Mills, Minneapolis, Minn., has launched Yoplait Go-Gurt Fizzix—carbonated yogurt in a tube. “Fizzix combines amazing fruit flavors with innovative technology that infuses yogurt with a carbonated fizz, described by kids as a cool ‘sizzle’ on their tongue,” explained Katie Semersky, Yoplait marketing. The technology to carbonate yogurt is licensed from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

Fizzix delivers the same nutritional benefits as the original Go-Gurt. At 80 calories/tube, it’s a good source of calcium and also provides the benefit of live and active cultures. Fizzix yogurt snacks are available in three varieties—Blue Raspberry Rage and Strawberry Watermelon Rush, Wild Cherry Zing and Strawberry Lemonade Jolt, and Fruit Punch Charge and Triple Berry Fusion. Each carton contains 8 tubes and carries a suggested retail price of $2.79. The chilled product can be frozen for lunchboxes and travel.

Redesigned Coke Bottle Offers Aesthetic & Functional Benefits
America’s famous contoured soft drink bottle is getting an on-the-go makeover. Coca-Cola North America, Atlanta, Ga., has launched a newly designed 20-oz PET bottle for all of its Coca-Cola brands. The new bottle has added texture and grip enhancements that make it easier to hold and a shorter cap that makes it easier to open. Its contemporary shape not only feels comfortable but also has appealing visual elements, such as an embossed Coca-Cola logo—similar to the glass contour bottle—and the signature dynamic ribbon. The bottle’s new design is completely recyclable and uses 5% less PET than its predecessor. Consumer communications carries the tagline “Get a Grip on Your Thirst.” Coca-Cola North America conducted extensive consumer research for the new contour bottle. The design was a clear winner with consumers, with 92% of those surveyed saying they had a positive opinion of the new package.

Package Logo Conveys Renewable Energy
Plano, Tex., has added the Green-e logo to its SunChips multigrain snacks packaging. The symbol—administered by the Center for Resource Solutions—signifies the purchase or generation of certified, renewable energy. “Including the Green-e on the SunChips line of snacks gives the brand an opportunity to communicate its commitment to support green energy, and hopefully will remind and encourage consumers to take their own small steps to make our world a brighter place,” said Gannon Jones, Vice President, Marketing, Frito-Lay North America.

Since 1999, Frito-Lay’s total fuels consumption/lb of snacks has been reduced by nearly 24%, electricity consumption/lb of snacks has been reduced by 21%, and overall water consumption/lb of snacks has been reduced by 35%. Frito-Lay continues to add to its energy conservation programs, and this year the company began installing solar concentrators in its Modesto, Calif., manufacturing facility. Once completed in early 2008, this facility’s solar concentrators will harness the power of the sun to reduce the amount of natural gas used to make snacks, including SunChips.