Innovation in the form of new product development and introduction has been faster than ever at Chicago-based Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. In 2006, the company introduced 80 new products around the world, including Life Savers Gummies Fruit Splosions liquid-filled gums, as well as a variety of new, unusual chewing gum flavors like Mint Mojito and Raspberry Mint. These innovations came from Wrigley’s Global Innovation Center, a 150,000-sq-ft facility that opened in Chicago in 2005 and houses 250 scientist…

Figure 1. Why consumers chew gum. From FRC (2006).

Table 1. Effect on stress/anxiety level of gum chewing or abstaining from gum chewing. From FRC (2006)

Figure 3. Mean salivary flow rate while chewing gum with added sweetener or gum base without sweetener. From Dawes and Dong (1995).

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