Donald Pszczola

Donald E. Pszczola

There are many different languages - Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, Polish, Arabic, and English, just to name a few. But in the world of food formulating, one of the most important languages is that of color.

Poppy seeds, associated with bakery products, can lend a distinctive black topping to this healthy salad. This colorful product is made with greens, strawberries, kumquats, and a garnish of rose petals, with each ingredient adding to the sensory experience.As a language, color can help communicate, creating a connection between the food product and the consumer. For example, it can be used as a certain code or indicator of potential health benefits found in foods or ingredients with that inherent color. Moreover, selected hues can evoke certain mem…

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Food Technology magazine Senior Editor and key member of the Food Technology editorial staff for 26 years.
Donald Pszczola