Baking Science & Technology, 4th ed., vol. 1
This much-needed update of the classic text is a must-have reference for anyone working with baked products or the ingredients used to make them. The new edition is easy to read and is enhanced with useful diagrams and photographs.

The introductory chapter provides an insightful overview of food chemistry, physical chemistry, and rheology with respect to baking. Chapter 2 could stand alone as a book since it provides a thorough explanation of all types of baking ingredients from flour to nutrients for fortification. As a researcher who studies healthful food product development, I especially enjoyed the section on characterizing ingredients, which explains key differences in fruit and nut ingredients as well as flavoring and colorants. Chuck Walker and Jane Li of Kansas State University provide a succinct look at grains, pulses, and oilseeds and their processing.

In Theresa Cogswell’s chapter on quality, numerous color photos and diagrams illustrate key equipment. Readers who have not been formally trained in cereal science will find this chapter especially useful. Rick Stier’s chapter on sanitation and regulation covers timely issues.

References for each chapter include classic research articles and recent trade and regulatory documents. The index is designed to allow readers a rapid scan for key information. This text is useful both as a general reference and a textbook for a baking science course.

Sosland Publishing Co., 4800 Main St., Ste 100, Kansas City, MO 64112. Visit ISBN: 978-0-9820239-0-7. 2008. 772 pp.

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