IFT recognizes 50-year members
The following individuals are celebrating their 50th anniversary as members of IFT:

Frank J. Alexander, Lyle H. Berndt, Arnold E. Denton, Charles M. Hendrix, Jr., Morton B. Hershman, William W. Hodgson, Barry E. Homler, W.E. Kramlich, Donald H. Kropf, John K. McAnelly, Thomas F. Oeth, Alvan W. Pyne, Donald V. Schwall, Thomas P. Smith, Oscar P. Snyder Jr., Raja I. Tannous, Doris A. Tichenor, James E. Tillotson, Robert M. Trider, Frank E. Weber, and J. Clifford Wilcox.

NSF honors two IFT members
Two members of IFT are recipients of NSF International’s 2009 Food Safety Leadership Award. Phillip Minerich won the Lifetime Achievement Award in Packaging & Distribution and Carl Winter won the Education & Training Award.

As the Vice President of Research and Development for Hormel Foods, Minerich oversees product development, regulatory compliance, and food safety. For more than 30 years, he has worked within food production, committed to improving the safety of our food supply. Minerich and his team have initiated a new food safety project that explores new applications for existing technologies, including researching all types of food safety interventions internationally, analyzing and validating scientific claims, and identifying how it would be useful for Hormel Foods product lines. Because of these contributions, public health and food regulation agencies have better methods for contamination detection and communicating events happening at a rapid rate. Minerich holds three patents for development of a pressure indicator for high hydrostatic pressure processing of foods, packaging methods and products, and a container for active microwave heating.

Over the past decade, Winter has developed a unique musical approach to spread critical food safety messages to hundreds of thousands of food safety educators, teachers, food handlers, health professionals, and consumers. He received a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture as the Principal Investigator for the project, “Improving Food Safety Education Through the Use of Music-Based Curricula,” and he also studies the effectiveness of incorporating music into food safety curricula that was developed for high school students, foodservice managers and supervisors, culinary arts teachers and students, family and consumer sciences teachers, and youth (age 8–12) enrolled in summer nutrition programs. More than 20,000 copies of his audio CDs have been distributed throughout the world.

Food Innovation in The Netherlands
An online-only supplement in the June issue of Food Technology magazine highlights food innovation in The Netherlands. A series of four articles details the cooperation among government, academia, and industry that fosters technological advancements in food product development, food safety, foodservice, processing, and packaging.

To access the Web-exclusive supplement in the June issue of Food Technology, please visit www.foodtechnology.org.

Profiling achievement: Scholarship recipient update
Megan McIlroy, a two-time recipient of IFT scholarships (1998 and 1999), is a senior scientist at Kraft Foods. McIlroy’s mentor and advisor, Kathryn Boor, provided academic advice and encouraged her to apply for IFT scholarships while a student at Cornell University. She spent her first year in the food industry working at Kraft Foods, where she worked on developing powdered soft drinks for the foodservice market.

“I have a passion for science and consumer goods, specifically food,” said McIlroy. “I enjoy the application of sciences like biology and chemistry to the food industry, being creative to develop product formulas and new technologies, and working with marketing to best satisfy the consumer.”

McIlroy is a Member of IFT.

For more information about IFT scholarships, visit www.ift.org/foundation or call the IFT Development Offi ce at 312-782-8424.

Section & Division meetings
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