Ketchup Packet Allows Squeezing or Dipping
H.J. Heinz Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., has designed a better portion pack for ketchup for the foodservice market. The breakthrough dual-function ketchup package allows consumers to either squeeze the ketchup on their favorite foods or use the package as a dipping tray. The new Heinz Dip & Squeeze package holds nearly 1 oz of product or three times as much Heinz Ketchup as the traditional packet. “Americans love Heinz Ketchup, and now the Dip & Squeeze product makes it easier and more fun for them to enjoy it on-the-go,” said Dave Ciesinski, Vice President, Heinz Ketchup. “From dipping nuggets and fries to squeezing ketchup on hamburgers or eggs, the Heinz Dip & Squeeze product gives consumers more flexibility, so they can have fun and enjoy eating Heinz Ketchup on whatever and wherever they want.” The new product marks the first ketchup packet makeover for the foodservice industry in more than 40 years.

Oxygen Scavenger Keeps Product Fresh
Heinz Australia, Southbank, A.U., is utilizing innovative packaging from RPC Bebo Nederland, Goor, N.L., for its new line of Greenseas lunch bite products. The shelf-stable, microwavable, thermoformed plastic packaging contains layers of polypropylene (PP) and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) polymers. It incorporates an oxygen scavenger, which captures O2 within the barrier layer of the sealed pack before it reaches the food. This process minimizes any food deterioration, particularly color and flavor.

For convenience, the product comes with a spoon under its resealable lid. Consumers can eat the product right out of the container—with or without microwaving. An outer paperboard base doubles as a tray and enables users to remove the heated product from the microwave without handling the hot container. Greenseas lunch bite products combine tuna with a variety of flavors, such as green curry with rice or sweet chili noodles, for a convenient snack.

Cheese Reduces Sodium, Not Flavor
With sodium content on the radar screens of regulators, consumer activists, and shoppers, many food companies are looking for ways to reduce the sodium content of their products. Sargento Foods, Plymouth, Wis., has rolled out a line of Reduced Sodium cheese in six varieties—Colby-Jack slices, Provolone slices, Colby-Jack snack sticks, String snacks, Mild Cheddar shredded cheese, and Mozzarella shredded cheese. The 25% less sodium products can be used for snacking or cooking. “With almost 50% of consumers reading food labels for sodium content, we’re responding to consumers’ interest in lowering their daily intake by offering Reduced Sodium Sargento cheeses,” said Chris Groom, Core Marketing Director. “However, we only wanted to launch the line if we could still provide the great-tasting natural cheese that consumers love, which this line does successfully.” “People often assume when salt is taken out of food, it becomes bland and tasteless,” said Rebecca Maine, Senior Sensory and Taste Expert at Sargento. “When we were developing the new line of reduced sodium cheeses, we took into consideration our consumers’ demand for flavor and taste as our highest priority.”