In the June 2012 Food Technology magazine, the article “Advances in Flavor Encapsulation” discusses spray drying and melt extrusion.

Unfortunately, a short description of different carriers on page 54, Table 1, shows melt injection (Durarome® Process) with the comment “now generally replaced by melt extrusion.”

That comment is misleading. Durarome still provides major advantages that spray drying and melt extrusion do not, such as high flavor stability over time. For oxygen sensitive flavors, Durarome still provides a four-year protection that spray drying and melt extrusion products do not. Duraromes provide limited interaction with actives and low aroma. In addition, Duraromes are capable and routinely manufactured with oil contents up to 24% (wt/wt). As mentioned,melt extrusion products are typically 10%.

—Luc Armanet ([email protected]), Associate Director Flavors, Flavor Industrialization & Technology Expertise Center (FLINTEC), Flavor Division, Firmenich Inc.