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Enhancing the Smell, Color of Pineapples
A study published in the Journal of Food Science shows that applying a high-temperature treatment postharvest to pineapples grown during low-temperature seasons can improve the fruit’s color and scent. The researchers performed two experiments involving elevated temperature treatments, storing pineapples with no packaging in an artificial climate chamber for 36 hrs. They then looked at the temperature’s effect on pineapples’ color, physiochemical characteristics, and aroma components. They found that the greenness-redness and blueness-yellowness values of the skin and pulp were markedly increased and more esters and alkenes were identified, improving the aroma.

Face-to-Face: Meet Aaron Graham
With more than 20 years of experience as a flavorist, Aaron Graham was recently hired as Director of Creative Services-Flavor for Bell Flavors & Fragrances. In the past, he has worked at T. Hasegawa USA, Griffith, and Quest. In his new job, Graham’s main responsibilities will be to work closely with customers to lead the creative development process at Bell. Read more about this past President of the Society of Flavor Chemists experience and challenges in his Face-to-Face interview.

IFT on Pinterest: Chefs’ Recipes
Find the recipes featured in the Culinary Point of View column, including Chef Einat Admony’s Shakshuka, an Israeli egg dish perfect for a holiday brunch.

Watch & Learn
In a recent Journal of Food Science “Take 5 for Food Science” author video, Richard Hartel and Maya Warren from Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison talk about ice cream—specifically, the sensory properties, structure, and melting rate of various brands in the marketplace.

This Month's List: Changing Conventional Cattle Ranching

Currently, livestock takes up 30% of land globally. Colombia is implementing new silvo-pastoral systems, allowing the country to:

  • Decrease pasture land by 24 million acres
  • Increase cattle numbers by 17 million head by the year 2019

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