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IFT’s vision of an enduring culture of support for the world’s next generation of food scientists and a safe, nutritious, and sustainable food supply for everyone is propelled by our community of donors. Their generous support fuels our mission and inspires our gratitude.

“The future of our field is in the hands of the next generation of students in food science.”

- Lauren Jackson, PhD, CFS , Feeding Tomorrow Donor; Chief, Process Engineering Branch , US Food and Drug Administration
Lauren Jackson

“Feeding Tomorrow is focused on filling the talent pipeline of our scientific discipline... and I care enough about the science of food to want to do my part to put some fuel in that tank.”

- Craig Sherwin, CFS, Feeding Tomorrow Donor; Manager, Novozymes North America, Inc.
Craig Sherwin

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IFT honors donors of planned gifts (e.g., bequest, life insurance, life income plan, lead trust, or personal residence with retained life interest).

For additional information or to inquire about leaving a gift to IFT, contact our foundation team.

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Dr. Elwood Caldwell

Dr. Elwood Caldwell Graduate Fellowship

Feeding Tomorrow receives endowment exceeding $1 million, largest gift in foundation's history

Learn more about Dr. Caldwell's gift

Supporting Feeding Tomorrow

Through the generosity of our donors, we are able to fulfill our mission of supporting future food scientists.

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Donations from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020

More than $1,000,000
The Estate of Dr. Elwood F. Caldwell, MS
The Coca-Cola Company
Lomi Foundation
Seeding the Future Foundation
Chicagoland Food Science Foundation
General Mills Inc.
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists
Ken Lee
Nancy J. Moriarity
South Eastern Section IFT
Noel E. Anderson
Beneo Inc.
Biomerieux Inc.
Ingredion Incorporated
Lauren S. Jackson
Vickie L. Kloeris
Sean James Leighton
John H. Litchfield
Mérieux Nutrisciences Company
Oregon Section IFT
Justin W. Shimek
Synergy Flavors Inc.
Christie Tarantino-Dean
Helaine Turek
Pamela R. Vaillancourt
Bernhard Van Lengerich


Coalescence LLC
Pam L. Coleman
David J. Horowitz
Brenda K. Knapp-Polzin
McCormick & Company Incorporated
Nutmeg Section IFT
Q Laboratories Inc.
Dennis Seisun
George J. Seperich
Cindy M. Stewart
Shannon Stumm

Section Contributions

IFT's local Sections are important contributors to the mission and vision of IFT. Below are sections who generously sponsored the 2020 Fun Run + Fitness.
Nutmeg Section IFT
Oregon Section IFT
South Eastern Section IFT

Division Contributions

IFT's topical Divisions are also important supporters of the Foundation mission and vision of IFT. Below are divisions who generously sponsored student scholarships.
Education, Extension, and Outreach Division
Food Engineering Division
Food Laws & Regulations Division
Food Microbiology Division
International Division
Nonthermal Processing Division
Nutraceutical and Functional Foods Division
Quality Management Division
Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division

Our Recent Donors

  • Robert Joseph
  • Heida Rahim
  • Charis Theocharis
  • Katherine Swanson
  • D.E. Weber
  • Eric Decker
  • Dong Lee
  • Gregory Wade
  • Christine Huyssen
  • Dennis Miller
  • Louis Richard
  • Marianne Gillette
  • Michael Diehl
  • David Haytowitz
  • Myong Cho
  • Armand Cardello
  • Jennifer McEntire
  • Philip Nelson
  • Susan Mayer
  • Robert Buchanan
  • Emefa Monu
  • Nina Burt
  • Ivette Bassa
  • John Krochta
  • James Pietroburgo
  • Gerald Popenhagen
  • Fan Zhang
  • Kou-Joong Lin
  • Y.C. Hong
  • I. Saguy
  • Thomas DeBrock
  • Ronald Chung
  • Thomas Montville
  • Mamoun Hussein
  • R.I. Fenton-May
  • David Brown
  • Lenore Luckey
  • Ta Quoc Su
  • Maureen Dilao
  • Eliana Paula Ribeiro
  • Janine Neal
  • Basavaraj Umatar
  • Quentin Johnson
  • Stacey Lehrer
  • Pam Coleman
  • Vernon Cole
  • Granger Teachey
  • Ralph Meer
  • Joseph Jolly
  • Jeff Dawson
  • Jun Yang
  • Debbie Lohmeyer
  • Lucio Yonemoto
  • Christine Bruhn
  • Alfred Bushway
  • Juan Monge
  • David Anderson
  • Bo Tisdale
  • Francis Busta
  • Catherine Valente
  • Rajsri Raghunath
  • 301 Inc/General Mills Inc
  • Romit Bhaumik
  • Ben Ogunmoyela
  • Michael Knowles
  • Chris Downs
  • Joanna Nadia
  • Estefanie Lanzanas
  • Kristin Bernardi
  • Roy Scott
  • Maria Velissariou
  • Rachel Sauwee Teoh
  • Biswajit Bhattacharjee
  • Joanna Rockwell
  • Laura Rokosz
  • Rena Pierami
  • Harold Tragash
  • Philip Crandall
  • Ajay Chandran
  • Shari Vogt
  • Nina Fitzsimmons
  • Tanveer Ahmad
  • Nathalie Salgado
  • Johan Ubbink
  • Helena Gillette
  • Stephen Sevcech
  • Ravinder Kumar
  • Matthew Comerchero
  • Martha Montoya
  • Sawyer Wyatt Smith
  • Jeff Dailey
  • Nancy Moriarity