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IFT volunteers are critical to our mission. Whether they serve on a board, educate others, or apply their experience and skills to food science challenges across the globe, our volunteers are making the world a better place. Whether you want to volunteer in your own community or travel abroad to help solve food science challenges in developing countries, Feeding Tomorrow has thousands of opportunities for you to get involved.

“Participating in a Volunteer Globally opportunity, like the one I did in the country of Georgia, is an excellent way to broaden your perspective, see the world through a different lens, learn to appreciate what you have, experience tolerance, and grow as an individual.”

- Carmen C. Fernandez-McEwen, IFT member and global volunteer ,
Carmen Fernandez-McEwen

“Truly, that’s where my heart is: working with the teachers. When you work with a teacher, the things they learn become part of their curriculum. It takes on a new life for years.”

- Katie Sudler, IFT Volunteer ,
Katie Suder

“The highlight of volunteering was getting to share the knowledge I acquired over the course of my career with people who could use it to build their food safety programs. There are altruistic reasons for volunteering, but there are also things you can gain from it: insights, knowledge about other cultures, and a nice ego boost.”

- Bruce Ferree, IFT Member and global volunteer ,
Bruce Ferree

Volunteer Globally

Tap into exciting volunteer opportunities around the globe that allow you to give back to the science of food while using your professional skills.

Apply your skills to global food challenges and make an immediate impact in the lives of business owners around the world. Volunteer Globally brings together the collective knowledge of our community to pursue food and nutrition solutions for those in need. By volunteering, you will have the opportunity to sharpen your professional skills and grow professionally and personally through the relationships you will form. Thanks to our continued partnership with Partners in Food Solutions, we are able to connect our volunteers to new and exciting opportunities in twelve African nations!

Partners in Food Solutions, an independent nonprofit organization, is working to strengthen food security, improve nutrition and increase economic development across Africa by expanding and increasing the competitiveness of the food processing sector. We link corporate volunteers from our consortium of world-class food companies with promising entrepreneurs in twelve African countries.

See Opportunities from Partners in Food Solutions

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Get Involved

There are a variety of opportunities to get involved with Feeding Tomorrow from reviewing travel scholarship applications to working onsite at one of our exciting events. Find the one that’s right for you.

Throughout the year, volunteer opportunities include:

  • Jurors—Review travel scholarship applications
  • Fun Run planning task force—Assist with planning and logistics of the largest Feeding Tomorrow fundraiser
  • Fun Run onsite volunteers—Assist with onsite Fun Run + Fitness activities
  • Educator Expo volunteers—Work together with IFT Section in local area of the IFT FIRST Annual Meeting to engage K–12 educators in an interactive educational experience
  • General task force—Additional committee and volunteer opportunities will be made available based on select programs of Feeding Tomorrow

For the current available volunteer opportunities, please visit IFT Volunteer Central (login required).

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