IFT Press Book Addresses Produce Safety
One new IFT Press book is now available to order from Wiley-Blackwell.

Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce, edited by Xuetong Fan, Brendan A. Niemira, Christopher J. Doona, Florence E. Feeherry, and Robert B. Gravani (ISBN: 978-0-8138-0416-3. 2009. 464 pp.), covers all aspects of produce safety, including pathogen ecology, agro-management, pre-harvest and post-harvest interventions, and adverse economic impacts of outbreaks. It also provides comprehensive information about the challenges and perspectives in produce safety and strategies to prevent or minimize the risks associated with consumption of fresh produce. More specifically, the book reviews recent, high-profile outbreaks associated with fresh produce, including the possible internalization of pathogens by plant tissues as well as how human pathogens survive and multiply in water, soils, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It also discusses the latest proactive measures and strategies being taken to improve the safety of produce for consumers.

The book, which is the most recent addition to the IFT Press book series, is organized into five sections: microbial contamination of fresh produce; pre-harvest strategies; post-harvest interventions; produce safety during processing and handling; and public, legal, and economic perspectives. Some of the discussion is about the fast and reliable techniques for the detection of pathogens in and on produce. To minimize the risk of human pathogens on fresh produce, pre-harvest strategies such as the implementation of Good Agriculture Practices, and risk analysis of irrigation waters and supply lines are covered. The limitation of post-harvest interventions, from current industry practices using chemical sanitizers, is discussed. Leading scientific experts from the produce industry present innovative technological applications such as irradiation, and biological controls.

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Topics of future books in the series include nanoscience and nanotechnology, food laws and regulations, food ingredients for the global market, hydrocolloids, nonthermal processing technologies, fats and oils, proteins and peptides, and dairy ingredients.

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