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Turning Social Chatter Into Product Insights

The vast social media universe offers a data-rich array of touchpoints with consumers that can also inform new food product development.

By Dale Buss
Woman using smartphone on social media app during meal in restaurant.

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The seminal example showcasing social media’s influence on the food industry may have been Taylor Swift and Seemingly Ranch. It underscored for a worldwide audience how social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest are influencing not just the marketing of CPG and restaurant fare but also which products are developed and introduced in the first place.

Last fall, food brands went all in with their reactions to photos of the pop-music star eating a chicken tender in a stadium luxury box…

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About the Author

Dale Buss, contributing editor, is an award-winning journalist and book author whose career has included reporting for The Wall Street Journal, where he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize ([email protected]).