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Creating a Culture of Female Food Heroes

Nutritionist and ‘silo smasher’ Tambra Raye Stevenson works on the front lines of food advocacy, promoting food as a healing agent for change.

By Anna Klainbaum
Tambra Raye Stevenson

Photo by Wheelz, courtesy of Tambra Raye Stevenson

As a college student in the early 2000s, Tambra Raye Stevenson was excited about an assignment to track her meals over the Thanksgiving holiday. She loved technology and used the assignment as an opportunity to test out a nutrition analysis software program on her PalmPilot.

She was the only African American in her nutrition undergraduate program at Oklahoma State University. “So imagine being in Oklahoma, in the heartland. It wasn’t particularly healthy dishes. It was mind boggling to realize be…

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About the Author

Anna Klainbaum is a writer and brand strategy consultant with a master’s degree in gastronomy and a specialization in food and beverage content ([email protected]).