Synergy Flavors has recently completed an expansion project at its U.S. headquarters and innovation center in Wauconda, Ill. The two-story, 38,000-sq-ft office building along with the remodeling of existing facilities embodies the company’s approach to sustainability.

The element of energy efficiency was set as a top priority and achieved through material and equipment choices while adhering to strict operational guidelines and procedures. Other environmentally friendly initiatives were also implemented, such as:

  • The installation of solar panels on the roof as an on-site source of renewable energy.
  • The use of native prairie-style species in the landscaping to eliminate the need for permanent irrigation.
  • The addition of bike racks and fuel-efficient preferred parking spaces, which were provided to encourage employees to use alternative and more eco-friendly means of transportation.

One of the main drivers behind the updates and renovations to the existing facilities was to further promote a positive, corporate culture, and to improve team members’ work environment. This was accomplished by creating a new entrance plaza, an outdoor patio, expanding the fitness center, and incorporating a new café. This phase of the project also included the addition of a new sensory training room and the renovation and expansion of the quality control lab.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do; and our expanded campus highlights two key aspects of that—first, bringing to life our vision to create a mutually beneficial environment for all those involved and second, focusing on the environment, which was accomplished through our LEED (Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design) Gold certification on the project,” said Rod Sowders, president and CEO at Synergy Flavors.

Next, the company will expand the R&D space at its headquarters and at its location in Hamilton, Ohio. This phase of expansion will begin in 2020.

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